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Top sites are a scam and we all know it… but lots of people do go to Top List sites for Private Servers so in order for players that go that route to find this server we have to play their little top server voting game with all the other servers that hack or buy votes.

To give players some incentive to vote you can get triple EXP for an hour once every 24 hours. This also comes with Blessing that adds some extra Stamina and 20% more EXP for the 24 hours. When your Blessing ends you can vote again and receive the rewards all over again.

The NPC named Serenity will reward you for voting in-game and open the vote page, but you can also vote by clicking one of these buttons. 

If you like the server please take the 2 seconds it takes to vote as many times as you can!

Other Top Sites Serenity is listed:




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Conquer Online Private Servers


Serenityco Online