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    Hey everybody!

    I did some research and still haven’t been able to find how to get Leo’s Antidote. Can anyone assist me?

    Thank you!


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    I also have same question!  Where do we get Kunlun liquid?

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    You guys gotta hunt those snake fangs at winged snakes. Then you gotta go to the second map of PC! (right bottom, above the river, underneath the little farm house where you used to be able to do a part of the met tear quest!) Well at the second map you jump up to the top and across that little bridge there to kill that super snake thing, that drops the heart after maybe a couple tries. Then back to the first PC to that dude and get the last ingredient and back to that waterfall-person to finish the flask. And there you go! 🙂



    – Donut

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    Thank you very much @Donut for that info.

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