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Interested in starting your own Classic CO server or want a server to play around with?

Please read this entire page before e-mailing me questions about starting your own server, most questions should be thoroughly answered.

There are a plethora of other Conquer Private Server Source codes out there, and I’m not going to claim this source is the best or only way to start your own server.

What I do offer is a Fully Featured, Fully Automated, Easy to learn Conquer Server (and all the other software required) that has been running publicly with 30-120 players online since 2012 with no serious issues.
It can be up and running with other people logging in about 10 minutes on nearly any windows computer/network setup.

The only requirements for a public server are a computer or VPS running windows to host on and a router that is configurable to have ports forwarded.
The specs required to host the server are pretty low: Dual Core (possibly even lower), 2 GB RAM, less then 1 GB HDD, and a decent internet connection.

Stuff I can offer:


Source code and database files-

First off the Server’s Source Code is for a 5165 client, and trying to update to modern clients is not recommended when other options for modern clients already exist.

It’s also not completely classic. I highly recommend downloading the client and trying the server before contacting me. It could be made 100% classic again but it would take some time.
You can test the server with any of the loaner characters (130 2nd rb, full Super 2 socket +5 characters) that anyone can use. Username: loaner1 Password: password

The server’s source code is written in C#. (Pronounced See-Sharp) C# is a very commonly used programming language, and it’s nearly identical in syntax to Java (which IS the most commonly used programming language today) so it serves as a great learning tool that anyone can use to learn basic stuff about programming, not just a complete waste of time on some unheard of programming language.

The source code Serenity runs on isn’t really anything special, but it’s probably the easiest to use classic CO source code out there. (Due largely to the fact that you don’t need to set up a SQL database.) And I’ve been coding on it for 4 years ironing out bugs and adding custom features. This isn’t truly classic by any means, and it’s not truly 100% bug free (I doubt any server is), but it’s stable enough for me to host a live server for the last 4 years, with no serious data loss or other incidents. If I wanted I could leave the server alone and it would run itself nearly indefinitely without me having to mess with it. (the only reason I say nearly indefinitely is the VPS occasionally experiences interruptions.)

It takes about 10 minutes to set up if you already have the IP address of the computer you want to host on in hand and port forwarded.
Also, NFO Servers rents virtual private servers that anyone can host on for like 30 bucks a month, which is what I’ve ended up doing.

What I include in the pack is the latest build of Eternity with everything the live server has. Including the recently added Hunger Games Arena.
If you want to know what the features the server has please just download the client and try it.

Register Page –

I’m  not giving out the entire website, but I’ll provide a basic register page in the form of a PHP file.
You’ll want to host the register page with a PHP compatible hosting software, I recommend AppServ 2.6.0 if you’re new at this stuff, it can be installed in and configured in minutes.
The register page script creates the User Accounts for players on the Hard Drive of the computer hosting it so you’ll need to host it on the same computer you host the server on.

You’re free to host the rest of your website on any webhosting platform, this website for example is hosted on 1 and 1 and not on the server machine like the register page.

Paypal Instant Notifications –

One thing I haven’t seen is anyone offering help setting up a PayPal auto reward system.
I’ll include the file that catches PayPal notifications and communicates with the server to automatically add rewards.
Installation is done from PayPal’s website, you just have to direct Instant Payment Notifications to the file included to be handled.

This file needs to be hosted in the same webspace directory as the register page.

In practice it is quite simple.
When PayPal sends a notification of donation ping to the script hosted on your server, the script reads the name and amount donated and creates a .dat file with the character name the person entered on the PayPal donation screen and the amount donated. The server then checks if this file exists every 10 seconds and if it does reads the name and amount and adds the rewards accordingly.

Setup Instructions –

I’ve tried to make the instructions easy enough for just about anyone to follow, and I’ll also send a list of commands.

The latest copy of the Server Pack I’ve made it more user friendly to customize.

Change the following by editing a single config file instead of it all being hard coded into the source:

Change Master Password to login all Accounts
EXP/Drop Rates, number of equips per mob
Gold Multiplier, number of gold piles per mob
Artisan Wind Rates
Bulk selling Refined, Unique, Elite, Super item prices
Donation Award Amounts
PvP Event CP Prizes
Change Number of seconds between backup saves
Change Number of items possible from Treasure Box
Change bulk selling refined, unique, elite, super prices
Change PvP CP Prizes

Changes made can also be loaded from the config file with the server still running with the console command: /reload

Commands have also been added to adjust EXP and most Drop Rates In-Game from any GM character.
(Note that the GM Commands can be used to test rate values, once you have found the value you want you’ll need to change the value inside the config file for the to remain after server restart.)

Updates –

If you’ve already gotten the Server Pack and I release an update for the live server that has a feature you want, just email me and I’ll send you the latest copy. (however it will be up to you to merge the newest  features with the source that has whatever changes you have made, or remake your changes on the newest version)

How much do I want?

If you’re interested in the server pack I’m now giving it out for any 60 dollar or higher donation on Eternity.

Lots of people E-mail me asking if I still do this. The answer is yes. As of March, 2017 this page is still accurate and I still offer the pack.

If you’ve donated $60 or more just email me and I’ll compile and send you the latest copy of the Start your Own Server pack ASAP.


If your interested in hiring me to do programming work –

Depending on how busy I am I’m willing to work for 20 bucks an hour adding whatever custom features you want, or removing unwanted features.

Note that I am familiar with the Server Side aspects, and not so much the Conquer Client itself, so I’m unable to help with most large client changes. (such as adding additional windows or removing things inside the client.) I also probably wouldn’t be terribly helpful with other source codes, as I’ve been using only this one and learned it inside and out.

Thanks for reading.

~ Saturn


Serenityco Online