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First Reborn.

Level 120 or 110 for Water Taoist.

Exemption Token – Obtained by defeating UltimatePluto in Dis City. See the Dis City Quest guide for more details on that quest.


The NPC to get Second Reborn is in Ape Mountain. He is on the North side of the North Eastern bridge.

Once you get Second Reborn you will be sent back to Twin City.

You will go back to level 15.

Like First Rebirth, when you Second Reborn your current skills will be cleared and replaced with your new set.

However as of writing this you will no longer lose your weapon Proficiency.

Your equipment will go back to low levels.

Rewards and Perks:

Super Gem of your choice. Tortoise is selectable for Second Reborn but not First.

LuckyTime skill. (Increase Drop Rates and Socket Chance in Upgrade Center.)

Increased Attribute Points based on the level you Second Reborn at.

45 Extra Attribute points plus 10 Extra Points per level past 120.

Second Reborn Defense bonus- Scales differently depending on Melee, Ranged or Magic and the Rebirth of the attacker. 50% reduction from Non-Reborn Melee attacker.

Class dependent Second Rebirth skills:

Dodge – Fire Combos. Castable like stigma. Raises targets Dodge for a few seconds. Useful to gain defense from archers.

Reflect – Warrior Combos. Passive. Chance to reflect and attack back at an attacker with zero damage done to yourself.

Iron Shirt – Warrior-Trojan Combos. XP Skill. Much like Warrior XP Shield but gain more Defense.

Pervade – Water Combos. Castable. Costs Stamina. Deal magic damage to all targets around you; almost to the edge of your screen.

Frozen Rapid Fire – Any Second Reborn Archer. Passive Rapid Fire upgrade. Stuns target for a few seconds. (No movement for mobs and no skills/attacks for players)

Skills kept from previous classes and Second Rebirth skills gained:

*Best Combos*


Water>War>Troj gets Stigma, Magic Shield, Accuracy, WaterElf, DH, Meditation, Cure, Thunder and Reflect.

Troj>War>Troj gets Iron Shirt + Reflect.


Water>War>War gets Stigma, Shield, Accuracy, WaterElf, DH, Meditation and Reflect.


Water>War>Archer gets Stigma, Shield, Accuracy, WaterElf, DH, Meditation and Reflect.

Water>Troj>Archer gets Stigma, Shield, Accuracy, WaterElf, DH, Meditation, Cyclone, SpiritHealing, Robot.

Water Taoist:

Water>War>Water gets FlyingMoon, Roar, Superman, XPShield, Pervade, Reflect.

Troj>Fire>Water gets Cyclone, SpiritHealing, Robot, FireCircle, Bomb, FireOfHell, FireMeteor, FireRing.

Troj>War>Water gets Cyclone, Superman, SpiritHealing, Robot, Roar, XPShield, FlyingMoon, IronShirt.

Fire Taoist:

Water>War>Fire gets Stigma, Shield, Accuracy, WaterElf, DH, FlyingMoon, Roar, XPShield, Reflect.

Water>Fire>Fire gets XPRevive, Advanced Cure, Healing Rain, Dodge, DivineHare, WaterElf.

Troj>Fire>Fire gets Cyclone, SpiritHealing, Robot, Dodge.


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