Server Rules

1: No Aimbotting. Please keep the PvP fair and fun.
One of the main reasons CO is still played after so many years is FB/SS, and this server strongly embraces FB/SS.

2: No spamming or blatant advertising.

3: Keep it somewhat civil. No real world threats against people. Strong Language is obviously going to happen ocasionally.
All I ask is no excessive unnessesary strong language that bothers other people.

4: I have no problem with people sharing, trading, or selling accounts.
However, I don't feel it's the GM's responsibility to help when problems arise from such activites. So, do so at your own risk.

5: Botting - I don't have an issue with autoclickers, but complex auto-hunting bots (especially proxy bots that don't use a Conquer Client) can be harmful to the server because it doesn't send packets the same way as a normal client would.
If you've ever noticed the lag when you enter the screen of a hunting bot you know what I mean.
So please, no complex auto-hunting bots.
I do a three strike policy for botting, with the 3rd strike being perma bot-jail.