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January 2017-

I’ve made a few “Loaner Characters” that anyone can borrow

First off, this may be a terrible idea… we’ll see.

The primary intention with this idea is to give people without high level characters a chance to try out the game with a good character or guest participate in PvP events.

After all, the server does have several unique things about it that no other server has, so this could also give people a chance to experiment and plan a build ahead of time.

Loaner Characters will be 130 2nd Reborn with full Super +5 SDG or SPG, dmg -2, hp +255. Why dmg -2? I made all loaner gear dmg -2 then make dmg-2 gear undroppable, untradable, unsellable, un-auctionable, and unbreakable. (adding blessing to the gear is also blocked)

All Proficencies will be 12, and the character will come will all the appropriate skills max level.

For now I’m making 2 flavors: Water>War>Trojan and Water>War>Water.  However, Water Taoist will not have Pervade, and I won’t be doing any Loaners that are great for hunting, because I think people should still have to make their own good hunting chars.

You can hunt with them and trade the loot over to your main, they just won’t have the huge AoE.

You can also PvP with them, BUT damage to players in a non-PK map (like Twin City or Mystic Castle) will be reduced to 1. (on account of the full super loaner gear being undroppable when blackname I don’t want people using them as unstoppable PKers.)

So by all means use them at GW or other PvP events. (though obviously any CP and GWpoints earned won’t be that extremely easy to get off)

Login handling: Obviously it would be annoying to be using the character and be kicked off suddenly, so no one will be able to login to a Loaner Character if someone has it logged in already.

Login Info for the Loaner characters:

Class – Username –  Password – Char Name

Trojan – loaner1 – password – JohnSnow[LC]

Water – loaner2 – password – DonaldTrump[LC] (GL of ImpeachMe)

Trojan – loaner3 – password – Tyrion[LC]

Water – loaner4 – password – Ygritte[LC] (female)

Trojan – loaner5 – password – Arya[LC] (female)

If you do find a possible exploit regarding their gear please let me know, but I believe all the loopholes are patched up to keep the gear on them permanently.

Please use respectfully! Have fun!

Treasure Box NPC added

A single treasure box will always be somewhere in the world. It can be in any city map or Mystic Castle only.

The Treasure Box will move around and restock every 5-10 minutes whether someone has opened it or not.

If you find one, click on it and choose to open it and get 1-10 random items. No keys or other plot devices required.

Possibilities: Meteors, Plus Stones, DBs, Gems, Moonboxes, dmg -7s, and plussed items as high as +9.

The goal was to emulate the old squama system but make it much more rewarding and much less predictable.

It’s coded to not appear in water or out of bounds but I make no guarantees. It should be usable remotely anyway, so if you can click it you can open it.

Additional full durability mobs added

Number of existing full dura mobs increased, new mobs added to Mystic Castle and Desert.

The dura mobs at Bloody Devils may be decent money because 4 full durability 130 items at 33k a pop isn’t bad and there are a few of them.

Suriken Vortex hitting people on other maps fixed

Map check was missing. Easy fix.

Nobility being used in Developer Room fixed

Auto Compose added for all, not just VIP

Auto-Compose will automatically compose any picked up Plused items that aren’t Socketed, dmg -7 or over +9 into the Equipment in the slot that item would go in.

For example: Picking up a +1 Bag while wearing a Necklace will compose the Bag into the Necklace, bringing the Necklace’s progress up by 10 while it’s still equipped.

To enable/disable just type: /autocompose (lasts till relog)

Other notes: Picking up a +2 Coronet/Plume/Hat while wearing Earrings will still compose the earrings. Same for Bracelet/Ring/HeavyRing. Weapons always compose into Right Hand. Shield goes into left hand regardless of what item is in the left hand.

Since being able to use any headgear to plus earrings and stuff makes quite a huge difference, I made it available to all since it’s a bit too OP to be VIP only.

It occurs at the moment of picking up an item off the ground, so trading, buying, storing, etc. will not trigger auto-compose.

This also means to quickly compose something already in your inventory you could just drop it and pick it back up and let Auto-Compose work it’s magic.

Miss mechanics improved

Much easier to hit things with low agility values. (Level 1 punching things actually hits now instead of missing every attack)

A miss effect now goes off on target when an attack misses.

Agility from Equipment and Attributes give a little bit of Dodge. (20 Agility = 1 Dodge)

Every attack that hits deals at least 1 damage instead of 0.

Random Chance of miss adjusted so you should never miss any mobs 100% of the time.

Luckytime random AoE chance added

Chance of hitting every mob on the screen at once with a Melee Attack. Goes off for about 1.5% of hits and has a cool looking (but possibly annoying after awhile) effect.

/storeall stat removal bug fixed

/storeall no longer leaves stats from equipped gear when used.

Small bug that left a gamebreaking exploit.

Command to instantly put a full inventory of items up for sale in a market stall

Configure prices for each item type or equipment quality with the NPC near the first row of Market.

/shop is currently programmed to handle nearly all items you’d want to sell, including:

Meteors (Including every packed version), Meteors Tears, Gems, Plus Stones, Celestial Stones, Exemption Tokens, VIP Tokens, Hero Tokens, Moonboxes, Blessed Gear, Plussed Gear, Socketed gear (Different prices for Blessed + Socketed vs just Socketed), and 2 Socketed gear.

With /shop the limit is 2 billion gold per item instead of 1 billion, which may be helpful for big ticket items.

This is a pretty complex system and with undoubtedly have a few bugs for awhile.

/Automine Command changed

Automine is now limited to one Character per IP address, but buffed to also drop Gold Ore.

So now if you leave a miner going with /automine overnight you should come back to at least an inventory full of Gems, or a pked miner.

Anyone wanting money should really leave a miner going as much as they can. It’s pretty easy cash.

Random PK Tournament re-opened

I originally changed the random PK tourney to just be anything goes because there weren’t enough players for multiple game modes, but I think the different game modes make things interesting.

So, I’m opening up some game modes and hoping with a high prize of 1000 CP people will get into it.

What is the Random PK Tournament? Basically the system randomly chooses a game mode from the following options:

  • New Muscle League! Level 40 (Non-Reborn) or under Trojan, Warrior, or Ninja only for this round!
  • Reborn Noobie Deathmatch! Level 60 (Any Reborn) or under only for this round! (still going to be locked for awhile)
  • Non-Reborn 90’s League! Level 90 (Non-Reborn) or under only for this round! (still going to be locked for awhile)
  • Hand to hand League. Warrior/Trojan/Ninja (Any Reborn) only for this round!
  • Anything Goes League! Anyone can join in on this round!
  • Ring Finger Boxing! Nothing but your Ring, Fists and Undies for this round! (rare joke match)

I think retail CO had a similar level restricted PvP event, where you could only enter if you were below X level.

Obviously since people don’t stay level 40 or 60 or even 90 very long here, most people will need to make a character that is under the level requirement and acquire some gear for it for the specific purpose of doing the PvP tourney with it. It should be worth the effort for a prize of 1000 CP.

There is already an NPC outside the Arena that can prevent you from going over a certain level specifically for this event.

For now the only level restricted event that I’m opening up is the  Level 40 or lower (non-reborn) Trojan/Warrior/Ninja event.
It will be more common than the other modes for awhile to hopefully get people into them for the 1k CP prize.

So make your own level 40 (non-reborn) or under Warrior, Trojan or Ninja and find some noob gear so you can join in!

If people start playing the level 40 troj/war/nin event I’ll open up the Level 60 or under (Any Reborn) league which opens up many more build options.

Discord Server started

To join the Serenity Chat Discord Server click here: Discord Invite


November 2016 –


Auto-Attack stopping bug fixed

The combat timer system has been rewritten to hopefully fix the bug causing it to stop running.

With the system also being all around more efficient, there should also be a reduction in lag between packets being sent.

This means all attacks and movements should be up to 200 ms less delayed than before. (which is about the same as lowering ping for everyone by 200)

Nobility system unlocked

The nobility system has been opened up as a gold sink and something endgame to do. Higher Nobility gives BP but BP doesn’t effect combat here, so it is prestige only for now.

Nobility can help you move to the top of the top players list on the site, but that’s about it.

If you have an idea to make Nobility less useless without effecting combat let me know.

Maybe you get some CP or something every day for the top nobility positions? Something along those lines.

120 Ninja Gear Pluses bug fixed

There was a bug that made pluses not actually give stats for 120 Ninja Gear and possibly other lesser used 120 gear.

Not sure how this bug went unnoticed so long.

All 120 gear should add stats from pluses properly now, possibly improving Ninja significantly.

Magic mobs and Guards hitting you after you teleport bug fixed

I noticed this bug when I attacked guards in TC then teleported to TG flashing and the guards from TC killed me in TG.

Bug fixed with a map check.

Opened a thread on Elitepvpers

To help the server grow I’ve started a thread on Epvp, where I’m sure some people go to find Conquer private servers.

Here’s a link to the Thread: Elitepvpers Eternity Server Thread

If some of you could post a reply with what you like about the server or a quick review or anything along those lines it would be EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks. Voting 5 stars also can’t hurt!

If you have an issue with the server please don’t complain about in in the Epvp Thread. Contact me about it first and I’ll do my best to resolve it. – Saturn[GM] ingame

I’m guessing people looking through a list of private servers on Elitepvpers will look at ones with lots of replies and views first.

And hey, having more players benefits everyone on the server.

Dropping Items next to an NPC fixed

Before if the item you were trying to drop was going to land on an NPC it just didn’t drop. (This was to prevent items being unobtainable) So dropping items next to an NPC was nearly impossible.

Fixed so that you can now stand right next to an NPC and drop practically a full inventory of items without needing to move.

None of the items seem to ever get stuck under NPCs but there are some places in the maps that for some reason allow items to drop but aren’t walkable.

These improvements take effect for mob drops as well.

Selling Socketed non-weapon items to NPC Shops blocked

Hopefully this will save some of you from accidentally doing it.

World Chat accessible at Level 1 via /w command

To help new players I’ve added a /w command to use World Chat at any level.

What’s the difference between /w and regular World Chat you might ask?

Characters made for the sole purpose of spamming, advertising or people that are being annoying can easily be blocked from using /w.

If any player on the server blocks you with /block the /w command will no longer work.

This allows legitimate new players to chat with the rest of the server while making it easy to stop people who abuse it.

The /w command can be useful to high level players too. Using /w to use world chat completely bypasses the delay between world chat messages. (as long as it doesn’t become a problem)

If high level players are spamming with /w unnecessarily they can also be blocked from it with /block and will still have regular world chat.

Obviously the system is only as good as the players allowed to block other people, so blocking people for absolutely no reason will be considered against the rules. (and block lists are very easy to clear)

/block will be unavailable for players under level 70 and anyone who has been muted from World Chat to help keep it from being abused. (muting world chat already existed)

A [TIP] message will show for players level 70 and under telling them the /w command to use world chat exists.

Jumping when Cyclone ends warping you back fixed

A nuisance bug fixed.

Making it easier for New Players

Being a noob for a long time on a server that has a large number of High Level/Rich players is never fun.

So, I’m going to try to change some stuff to be more new player friendly.

1: Kings, Ganoderma, Titan and low level daily bosses changed to be much easier to kill. I noticed when i was running around in noob gear from hunger games that things like Kings, Ganoderma and Tony the Tiger are ridiculously time consuming to kill unless you’re high level, so I’m lowering their damage reduction a lot. not only will reducing the dmg reduction on these mobs make it easier to get loot, it will also make leveling up by killing them much faster since you deal more damage with each hit.

2: Gambler prices reduced from 200k-800k to a flat 100k for all items. Rates altered a bit to balance out the lower price and favor low level players. Elite and Super rates increased and Socket chances slightly decreased. Getting a Super +9 dmg-7 255hp 2 socket with super gems is still possible, but as with the real world lottery you probably have a better chance of being run over by a rhino and struck by lightning at the same time.

Have an idea to make it easier to get started on Eternity? Let me know on Saturn or Serenity[GM].

Guild War Winner EXP Bonus improvements

I think the existing system incentivizes one giant alliance a bit too much with the full alliance EXP sharing thing, So I’m going to make a few small tweaks that will hopefully reward competition between multiple guilds a bit more.

For starters I’m going to increase the Guild War Winner EXP bonus if your Guild wins more than one round:

Win 1 Round: +50% EXP from all sources for the whole guild.

Win 2 Rounds: +75%

Win 3 Rounds: +100%

Secondly, I’m going to decrease what guilds that are allied with a winning Guild get from 50% to 30%.

Hopefully some people won’t be content with just being allies of a winner for 30% when they can win a round for themselves for a full 50%, leading to some competition.

Guild Member Max is still 65, which I feel is a fair number considering the average number of players online. As the number of players online average goes up I will raise this cap.

One sided Guild Wars have plagued the server from the start, so I doubt this change will do much to solve the problem, but I feel it is at least a step in the right direction.

I guess everyone getting along and being in the same alliance is a good thing in some ways, but it sure makes for uneventful Guild Wars.

Attack Speed Improvements

These changes should be a benefit to speedsters (you know who you are) and the average 20 Agi build characters.

What I’ve tried to do is increase the impact setting a few points into Agility has, while still retaining the high ceiling for potential attack speed.

So, simply put: The first 100 points in AGI add more attack speed than points past 100.

Similarly, the first 200 Agility from Weapons/Ring are more beneficial than Agility past 200.

The effect is that there should now be a noticeable speed difference between 20 points in AGI and 40 points, rather than needing like 100 Agility to see a noticeable speed increase.

So does that mean high AGI Dagger users get the shaft?


Dagger users should now reach max attack speed with around the same or less points in agility AND the max on attack speed is raised slightly, making them hit even faster than before.

Cyclone’s max speed got raised a bit as well, (not that you’d notice unless you’re a speedster) and is now faster than can be reached by stats and gear alone.

So basically all attacks should be a little faster.

Behind the scenes

Along with these noticeable changes, the new code is also infinitely more efficient due to the fact that attack speed is now calculated ONCE when you login or when Agility changes or if you enter/exit cyclone or superman. The old script recalculated attack speed hundreds of times per second for EVERY character that’s attacking something (including  people in training ground), which was a massive waste of the server’s resources. Not sure how I didn’t notice it till now.

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