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A fun little feature that didn’t take rocket science to code, now you’ll be able to purchase Real Estate around the world of Eternity!

There is a small client patch on the download page to change the NPC to be a “Real Estate” flag instead of a crystal.

How does it work?

How to purchase a Property:

Real Estate flags will be placed outside buildings or anything else that looks ownable in the world.

Clicking a Real Estate Flag will bring up a dialog showing the current owner and how much gold you need to buy the property from them.

Enter a value to purchase the house for, as long as it’s more than the current owner. Higher bids will make it harder for someone else to snag it from you.

It’s impossible to lose money in real estate.

Revenue Generated:

Every property generates Revenue every hour in the form of Gold. (possibly other rewards in the future, such as weapons with stats from the Blacksmith, etc.)

In addition to generating gold for the owner, the property also depreciates in value by 1/10th the properties revenue. This is so that the properties value isn’t just constantly growing and never going back down again.

TC Blacksmith (a medium revenue property) for example generates the owner 300,000 Gold per hour. (7.2 mill a day)

It may not seem like a lot but there are at least 10 properties in Twin City alone and the owner gets paid online or off.

Revenue amounts aren’t set in stone and are subject to change, especially as more properties are added.

What happens if someone buys my Property?

When you are outbidded you recieve the value of the Property in gold. (Not the whole bid price, because players could just exploit it and raise the price really high and send the extra money to an alt character.)

What kind of properties are for sale?

Early on, Twin City will be the only area with property for sale. Some of the properties available from the start include: The Blacksmith’s Shop, Pharmacy, Artisan Wind’s House, Armorer, misc houses.

Eventually I’ll have properties for sale in other cities, once all the bugs are ironed out.

Adding new properties to be purchasable is a bit of a grind so it may be a slow but steady process.

What kind of prices are possible?

I’m going to set a minimum value and let players set the price for each building. There will be no maximum.

I’ve tested buying a property for up to 1 trillion dollars and it seems to work fine. You can use Gold or TopMoneyBags or a mix of both to buy a property.

Not the most amazing feature ever but hopefully you guys enjoy it!

*Update 3/29/2017*

Additional buildings added.

Some unique ones: Simon’s House (Lab NPC) and the Buddha Statue generate revenue in the form of Virtue Points instead of Gold.

TC Mine generates Gems instead of Gold. (Any Gem type regardless of what Mine it is) 1 Gem per hour, 3% chance of super, 20% chance of Refined.
Tested with regular gems being added and it was a mess fast. Gems will be sent to Bulk Storage.



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