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Released 1/7/2016.
The new NPC is Leo in the middle of TC.
Bring him the antidote to the poison that afflicts him and he’ll swear his life to you,
allowing you to send him on Hunting Expeditions to bring you back loot and gold.
(Meteors, DBs, + Stones, Stat boosters, Blessed gear and occasionally even 1 and 2 sockets.)
He levels up as you use him and gains stats that effect how good he is at hunting for you.
Sending him out to hunt for you is completely free.
The only limit is a pool of hunting minutes that go up just by being Online.
(1 Minute of hunting time for every 2 minutes online.)
He starts off slow, but after leveling up and using some resources to upgrade him he becomes a hunting machine, finding you piles of stuff each day.

Other stuff:
Exploration – Rather than hunting you can send him out to explore to find new hunting areas.
Different areas effect what kind of items he bring back.
Vast Plain (Starter Area) – x3 Meteors /3 everything else.
Dragon’s Nest (Explore to find) – x3 DragonBalls /3 everything else.
Ancient Quarry (Explore to find) – x3 +1Stones /3 everything else.
Sugar Factory (Explore to find) – x3 Candy /3 everything else.
Blessed Isle (Explore to find) – x3 Blessed Gear /3 everything else.
Edge of the World (Explore to find) – x3 Non-Weapon 1 and 2 Sockets /3 everything else.
Forgotten Temple (Explore to find) – Chance of MoonBoxes /3 everything else.
Crystal Spring (Explore to find) – Chance of CleanWaters /3 everything else.

Future additions:
Ability to send him Mining for Gems.
Ability to make him trade to make you gold.


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