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“HELL” is what I’m going to start calling the new L137 zone implemented today.

It uses the old 2nd reborn quest map that is very hellish looking and is very large.

It is designed to be a High Risk / High Reward map for endgame players.

What is it:

The L137 mobs are pretty hard, but the rates and spawn density make up for it.

HELL is hopefully the new highest drop/exp rate, highest spawn density map in the game for high level folks to take advantage of.

Rates: x4 plussed item rates, x10 Meteor and DragonBall rates, Enemies can drop Moonboxes, Tassels, Super Gems and Plussed Stones up to +8.

There’s a catch though.

Dying either from a Monster or being PK’ed another Player even while whitename you will have a 10% chance to drop worn equipment. There is a 1 piece drop per death limit.

I’m calling it HELL to try to drive home the fact that it is risky.

You can enter from a Ghost NPC to the right of the Training Ground NPC in Twin City.

Exit points: One exit is where the green dot is on the map. The second and third exits are near the bottom left and bottom right corners of the map.


To balance the system for both the hunter and the hunted a few implementations were made:

When entering HELL you will be taken to a random location to guarantee no PKer is just waiting on the other side for you to enter.

Scrolls won’t work in HELL, you’ll have to exit with one of the 3 NPC exit points. There are 3 exits to make it harder for a PKer to camp out an exit.

Enter at your own risk

Since it’s the only map in the game where you can drop worn equipment when you die whitename, extreme caution is recommended when visiting HELL.

I’ve made sure the NPC makes the risks very clear with several messages before you enter, so hopefully no one enters accidentally and complains about losing a +12.

It is intended to up the stakes and bring a little excitement to CO, but it is completely optional, and you don’t necessarily have to enter with your best equipment.

No doubt it will also bring some tears.


The idea to implement this came from the Wilderness in Runescape, where PvP is open and you drop everything but your 4 best items. Nerve wracking stuff in the 90s.





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