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Guild War is one of the biggest draws of Conquer Online for some people.
A chance to put all the grinding to work and do some Guild VS Guild PvP.
The premise is simple enough, whoever can hold the Guild Pole the longest wins.

I’m going to work on making Guild War more interesting and rewarding and I’m open to suggestions.

I have a few things in mind, and a few things already set in motion.

There is A LOT of coding, and there are bound to be a few little things like the losing EXP bug.
I’ll fix these as they pop up and I promise GW will be way more interesting by the time everything is done.

Balancing Participants:

One thing that always plagues Guild War is one side being vastly superior in numbers and strength.

Going to Guild War with 3 other people against an army of 20 is no fun at all.

I originally capped Guild Member Count at 50 in an effort to keep Guilds small and force more competition, but I’m going to try a different approach. Member cap will be upped to 150.
Instead, I’m going to try making it so one Alliance (Guild + Ally Guilds) can never vastly outnumber everyone else in the GW Arena at any given time. This will be done by restricting a player’s entry if their Alliance already outnumber non-allies in the Guild Arena by 10 players.
That might sound like an annoying limit you would hit easily, but note that I say non-allies.
That means if there are 3 Alliances all VSing each other, one Alliance can still have as many members as BOTH the other 2 guilds combined PLUS 10 additional members.

If you encounter this limit then your Alliance already outnumbers everyone else in the GW Arena by at least 10 players.
(So I kinda doubt they need your help at the moment…) (I will add messages when enemies join GW so people know when to enter.)

If it’s a constant problem, please consider joining another Guild and helping them at GW!

The point of this is so that the whole server isn’t all in the same guild sitting around the pole with no one to kill. That’s just boring.

Also, some limit needs to exist because I want to give out good rewards to people that participate in GW, but I don’t want to make it possible to afk 10 alt characters and leech a bunch of free stuff.

Making it a bit more interesting:

Regular GW had gates that I guess gave some tactical advantage to the people behind the wall. (assuming people didn’t just hack over it.)
I feel Guild War with just a pole you take and hold is a bit bland, and I’d like to make it a bit more interesting.
I’d like to build upon the “King of the Hill” mechanic and not have GW be the same as Arena but with a pole.
I’d like to make it less about killing the enemy at the pole (and having them revive in place) until they get bored and give up, and more about getting them away from the pole and keeping them away from it.
That’s why I added the 10% chance to be sent back to TC upon death.

I’ve added a GW Tactics NPC at the pole and at the bridge, usable by anyone with a Guild and “Tactic Points” (different points than the existing GWPoints you use to start events.)

You’ll be able to earn points to spend on this NPC by killing the enemies that will slowly spawn all over the GW Arena when GW is running. They come in 3 flavors. 1 point easy ones, 4 point harder ones, and 20 point downright difficult ones. Last hit on them takes the kill and gets the points for their guild.
I was going to make it so killing players got you points but it’s to easy to kill your own characters for free points… so we’re going to try monsters instead.

Growing List of GW Tactics NPC abilities:

Spawn monsters at tactical points:
Choose whether you want them spawned at the bridge, gates, pole or entrance.
(with a cooldown to keep them from being overused as well as a 400 mobs on map at once limit.)

(10 Kills) 100 NightDevils: Slow down the enemies ability to get to the Pole! Release a hundred Night Devils in their path to zap them up!
(15 Kills) 30 Baby Dragons: The same ones as Frozen Grotto stage 3.
(20 Kills) 4 Titan Defenders: Long ranged Melee attack with highly varied damage output. They hurt even the most heavily armored player once in awhile. Not incredibly hard to kill.

Buffs for your whole Guild:
(2 Kills) Take half damage from players for a minute.
(5 Kills) Double Damage for allies for a minute. (Not yet coded)
(10 Kills) Invincible for 30 Seconds. (Not yet coded)

De-Buffs for non-allies in GW Arena:
Disable Potions for non-allies for a few seconds. (Not yet coded)
Disable fly for a few seconds. (Not yet coded)
Send all non-ally guilds back to GW Arena entrance.


In the last patch I made the Bronze Prize, Silver Prize and Gold Prize less OP than the retail specs, giving 2400 HP and MP max and speeding up HP/MP regen. So they are basically MiraculousGourds only better. (and come with bragging rights)
I’m going to make them wear off every week when new ones are given out, but they will be given to every person in the winning Alliance for that week. Gold for winning all 3 rounds, Silver for 2 rounds and bronze for 1 round.

Other changes:
Guild Chat messages go to all Allied Guilds again.
All GW Points go to ally guilds as well as the one’s holding the pole.

Have an idea on how to make Guild War more interesting? Or totally hate one or all of my ideas? You have my E-Mail. Player input will play a huge role in the GW changes.

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