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I’ve noticed the number of Magic Lamps being opened is pretty insane, and I’m sure a lot of people hunt lamps as a primary income.

Not necessarily an issue, except that having the level 70 enemies be the best hunting spot in the game doesn’t do much to reward high level characters.

So, I’m going to do what I should have done a long time ago.

I’m going to make a Magic Lamp 2.0 of sorts called Magic Tassel that is right clickable for random rewards just like existing Magic Lamps, and I’m going to add large numbers of high level enemies to the plains map just before MetZone that will drop them. (The Map has to be re-added, as it currently is unused.)

Existing Magic Lamps will be nerfed a bit, both in rate and rewards, because honestly they are just too good for a level 70 hunting spot.

Magic Tassels will have all around better rates than Magic Lamps before the change, and the chance to get Super Gems has been added to them.

Hopefully this will help alleviate the issue of having to many people fighting over SandMonsters, allowing lower levels to still hunt there, and give higher level players a better alternative to hunting level 70 enemies.

I’ll make the mobs that drop Magic Tassels weak enough that they can be 1 hit by maxed out archers, and very numerous so many people can hunt there without getting in each others way to much.

I’ll have a patch on the download page to fix cosmetic stuff like the Magic Tassel item name and correct Monster HP bars clientside.

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