Updated Server.dat released on Download page because of router changes altering the IP.

Server relaunched with fresh start April 9th, 2023.
Adobe Flash being retired caused the login screen to break on older Conquer clients, leading to Serenity being shut down in 2021.

A fix is now available but it does require installing Flash Player 6 Pro, a free third party program.

The server is now reopened with some rebalancing, bugfixes, and all previous data cleared so anyone joining is on an even playing field.

About the server:

Serenity is a classic style medium rate private server for the 2003 classic free-to-play MMORPG "Conquer Online" with several "Lore Friendly" custom mods, such as a Fastblade-like skill for Archers and Taoists.

The goal with Serenity is to get as close as possible to what the developers originally intended before it was turned into a cash cow.

What Serenity doesn't have:

This server attempts to keep the features the majority of players enjoy and ditch the ones people dislike.
There's no "Battle Power" used in damage calculations. No OP Toxic fog. No Talismans. No Lotto for CP. No Item Lock.
The client is update 5165, which was just after Ninja was added, so there are no Pirates or any of the newer stuff.

Maxes and Rates:

Level 137 max. Super 2 Socket Damge -7, +12 Level 130 gear max.

The gold rates are set up low to hopefully help control hyperinflation by having a small gold supply and high gold value.

Rates are ~10x retail rates, and are intended to feel fast but not so fast that items have no value. It would be nice to see people using the market.

Click Here to view the Server Rules:

Rules Icon

Non PvP Events:

Monster Killing Race. Three tiers: Tier 1 - People with AoE (Scatter/EliteScatter/Pervade/FireCircle) + Cyclone. Tier 2 - People with AoE but no Cyclone. Tier 1 - No AoE. The system picks a random number of monsters at the goal for each tier. First to kill that amount of any monsters in their Tier wins.

Weekly Top KO Board Prize. Whoever has the Top KO Board spot on Monday wins and the KO board is reset.

Number Guessing Game. The system picks a number from 1-100, first to guess the number wins. An incorrect guess tells you how hot or cold you are.

Server Online!

Server Time:
Jul 22 2024 6:38

Players Online: 0

Top Players:
Top Troj: Poppy - LV: 132 BP: 281
Top Arch: Awaclus - LV: 137 BP: 303
Top War: Hector - LV: 132 BP: 261
Top Water: Moon - LV: 130 BP: 282
Top Fire: Panda - LV: 134 BP: 299
Top Ninja: ShaWuSheng - LV: 132 BP: 280
Most Gold: cRispy - 1929919770
Most DBs: cRispy - 6509
Virtue Points: Aqua - 595224
Most Plus Nines: Panda - 7
Most 2 Sockets: Gremlin - 41
Most PK Points: Personunknow - 9

PvP Events:
1 HP FB Tourny: Kaoru
PK Tourny: prettyrose
Weekly PvP:
Monthly PvP: Moon

Guild War Winners:
Round 1: Careless
Round 2: Careless
Round 3: Careless

Chat with the admin and other players on our Discord:

Serenity Discord Server

PvP Sword

PvP Event Calendar:

Guild War:

Every day divisible by 5.
First Round at 6:00, Second at 12:00 and Third and Final Round at 18:00.
Guild Beast spawns at 17:00 and drops Moonboxes.


3 HP FB/SS Tournament:

Every day at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00. (Except GW Day)
A game of skill, FB/SS type skills and Melee only.
All attacks do 1 Damage and everyone starts with 3 HP.
No Healing. Chance to recover 1 HP when you get a kill to encourage active play.
1st Prize: 1 million Gold.

Random PvP Tournament:

Random Times every day except GW day.
Most kills in 5 minutes wins.
Random PvP Tourny has several random variations:
Anything goes - No restrictions.
Reborn Noobie Deathmatch - Level 60 (Any Reborn) or under.
New Muscle League - Level 40 (Non-Reborn) or under Trojan, Warrior or Ninja only.
Non-Reborn 90's League - Level 90 (Non-Reborn) or under only.
Hand to hand League - Warrior/Trojan/Ninja (Any Reborn) only.
(Rare variation) Ring Finger Boxing - Nothing but your Ring, Fists and Undies.
1st Prize: 1 million Gold.

Hunger Games PvP event:

Wed 8:00, Thurs 10:00, Fri 12:00, Sat 14:00, Sun 16:00, Mon 18:00, Tues 20:00.
Everyone starts the match level 1 with no gear or stats on a map with enemies from level 1 to 120.
Level and Drop rates are 10x normal rates, gain levels and use the gear you find to defeat the other participants.
Last man or woman standing wins 500k Gold and gets to keep everything they found in the match.

Weekly and Monthly PK Tournament with the appropriate "Halos" for the winners. Weekly prize is a Random Super Gem, Dragon, Phoenix or Rainbow. Monthly Prize is a Super Tortoise Gem. 2nd and 3rd also win lesser Super Gems.

All PvP events but GW and Duals enter the winner into the weekly Poison/HP/Mana Weapon Raffle. Every Sunday the system will pull a name to win a random Poison/HP/Mana Weapon. If you get a junk type you can always transform it into something else.

Arena Tiger Boss. PK everyone else or Co-Op and share the drops.