Welcome to Serenity CO

*Why the new site?* The old wordpress website stopped working suddenly, so I switched to a more basic HTML site that should work indefinitely.

About the server:

Serenity CO is a server by players for players.

The server has been running for ~7 years now, and will be continue to be hosted as long as people are playing on it.

We've tried to keep the features the majority of players enjoy and ditch the ones people dislike.

Serenity CO is free to play for life and you can obtain everything possible without ever donating.

Rates are faster than retail, so it won't take a lifetime to get a max character, but it's slow enough to still feel rewarding.

Serenity Discord Server
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Server Online!

Server Time:
Dec 09 2019 10:15

Players Online: 11

Top Players:
Top Troj: SoHereWeAreNice - LV: 137 BP: 304
Top Arch: Hunny - LV: 137 BP: 312
Top War: king_levo - LV: 133 BP: 315
Top Water: Innocent - LV: 137 BP: 307
Top Fire: Fiesty - LV: 137 BP: 302
Top Ninja: Mercury! - LV: 137 BP: 303
Most Gold: WaterHazzard - 39040213352
Most CPs: AnubiS - 147125
Most DBs: Hunny - 4734
Virtue Points: Innocent - 10409010
Most Plus Nines: shadowness - 16
Most 2 Sockets: Hunny - 43
Most PK Points: PkMeForSuperGem - 14772

PvP Events:
1 HP FB Tourny: Jeraad
Hunger Games: TamaY
PK Tourny: Larcher
Weekly PvP: ^Gokcen
Monthly PvP: BlackShadow

Guild War Winners:
Round 1: Heros
Round 2: Heros
Round 3: Heros

PvP Sword

Daily PvP Events

Events include:
1 Damage, 3 HP FB/SS Tournament. *215 CP to the last one standing* A game of skill, FB/SS type skills and Melee only. All attacks do 1 Damage and everyone starts with 3 HP. No Healing. Chance to recover 1 HP when you get a kill to encourage active play.

PK Tournament. *215 CP to the last one standing* Most kills in 5 minutes wins.

Arena Tiger Boss. PK everyone else or Co-Op and share the drops. Tiger drops Garments which can be turned directly into up to 10000 CP for the rare Garments.

1v1 Dual system. *100 CP to the winner*

Weekly and Monthly PK Tournament with the appropriate "Halos" for the winners. Weekly prize is a Random Super Gem, Dragon, Phoenix or Rainbow. Monthly Prize is a Super Tortoise Gem. 2nd and 3rd also win lesser Super Gems.

Guild Wars every 5 days.

All PvP events but GW and Duals enter the winner into the weekly Poison/HP/Mana Weapon Raffle. Every Sunday the system will pull a name to win a random Poison/HP/Mana Weapon. If you get a junk type you can always transform it into something else.

Other Non PvP Events:

Monster Killing Race. *200 CP* Three tiers, each giving a 200 CP to the winner. Tier 1 - People with AoE (Scatter/EliteScatter/Pervade/FireCircle) + Cyclone. Tier 2 - People with AoE but no Cyclone. Tier 1 - No AoE. The system picks a random number of monsters at the goal for each tier. First to kill that amount of any monsters in their Tier wins 200 CP.

Weekly Top KO Board Prize. *200 CP* Whoever has the Top KO Board spot on Monday wins and the KO board is reset.

Number Guessing Game. *200 CP* The system picks a number from 1-100, first to guess the number wins. An incorrect guess tells you how hot or cold you are.