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Welcome to the Hunger Games



I started making a Hunger Games Arena quite awhile ago, but never finished it all the way because it was so complex and hard to get remotely bug-free. Still, I believe it’s quite possibly the greatest PvP mode ever devised for Conquer, putting everyone on a level playing field and cramming everything that makes CO great into one PvPvE match.

Today I finished coding it, so it will be live (in need of a bit of testing) on Saturday, October 29. I’ll do a Server Maintenance a little early to apply it.

What is the Hunger Games Arena?

Well if you’ve seen the movies you probably get the gist of it.

Here’s the full explanation:

Everyone is dropped into a large Forest Arena at Level 1 with basic Stats and no Armor, Money or Items. You’ll have to bank all Items and Equipment to join a match.

The Forest Arena is full of tons of enemies from every corner of the world, with the weaker ones in the north and stronger ones in the south. (players always spawn on the top edge of the map)

Gather everything you need from inside the arena to defeat all the other players until you’re the last man (or woman) standing.

To keep games from lasting ages everything is sped up, and everyone’s HP slowly ticks down more and more as the match drags on. (from 1 HP to 50 HP at 1 hour)

To keep yourself alive you’ll need to gather potions from resource nodes where they spawn every few seconds. I expect potion spawns will be battlegrounds as they are the most important resource. (also, resource nodes are always in the same place, so you should learn where they are quickly.)

EXP starts at x100(!) and goes up by another x100 for every additional HP being lost per second. (so the longer the match has been going the more ridiculously fast you level up.) Drop rates are ~10x better inside the arena. Players also randomly gain +4 Attributes to a random stat when they kill a monster.

The last person standing gets to keep all the loot they’ve obtained during the match plus 400 CP, which could potentially be a lot since it’s 10x equip rates and other players drop everything when they die.

Extra Info:

Along with mobs dropping items galore, there are also resource nodes throughout the map that slowly spew out Ore and Timber. These can be taken to the Flame Forge NPC to create a weapon of your choice with random stats based on how many materials you’ve gathered.

For Armor you can use the Gold you find on another NPC to purchase armor for the class of your choosing.

Since it’s a survival/resource management game, healing abilities are limited. Stuff like Running recovery, Spirit Healing, Meditation and possibly other things in the future are disabled for the match. Taoists will have to gather MP potions to keep their Mana up, and there are Arrow spawns for archers as well. For now all other skills are fair game, including some possibly cheap ones like Divine Hare, Superman and XP skills in general, Fire Meteor, etc.

After dying and reviving or winning, everyone’s levels and stats will go back to normal. (hopefully every time) As previously noted when you die in the arena you drop all the items you’ve found while in the arena, including worn ones. I should probably also mention that getting 137 in the arena doesn’t give 2 socketed armor like it usually does. I already thought of that. xD

It will be interesting to see which class will dominate this match. I suspect Taoists will be quite good for it, as well as warriors because of Superman.

A few questions remain unanswered, such as:
How many lives should each player have? 1? 3? Since there aren’t a ton of players maybe increasing the number of deaths allowed would help keep it interesting.How good should the reward be for slaying another player? Currently you get healed 5000 HP. Maybe you should also get some potions or something.
What day and time should the matches start?

A few things remain unfinished such as renaming the Flame Forge (ore into weapons) and whatever the armor thing is going to be called (gold into armor). I will release a small patch sometime in the near future with the correct names, and I’ll probably fix a few other client-side issues while I’m at it.

If you have ideas or feedback feel free to contact me in-game or leave a comment below.


~ Saturn / Serenity[GM]

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