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I never added houses because there aren’t really enough players for half of them to be hiding in houses, but I figure it’s about time I added them.

Houses will be added in chunks, with this first update adding the dynamic house system that allows every player to have their own house.

Warehouse chest will be added but I’m not sure about the furniture system.

Houses will be both unlockable and upgradable to the larger house with this first update.


You can purchase, upgrade and enter your house via Market at the House Admin just south east of where you start when entering market.

The ability to enter other people’s houses will be added in the future, and won’t be spouse specific.

A house party command is planned that will allow anyone to create a server wide house entry invite and allow others to accept it and enter their house.


I’m going to try to buff some old quest rewards by adding Timber Vouchers and Copper Ore Vouchers as rewards, and it will take 5 Timber Vouchers to build a house and 5 Copper Ore Vouchers to Upgrade a house.

So, complete 5 quests to be able to build a house. 5 More to Upgrade it. Much less tedious than mining hundreds of Ores.

Quests that will award Timber Vouchers: (the list will probably grow)

Timber Vouchers:

L20 Ghostbusters quest at KungFuBoy at top left of TC – Timber Voucher.

L40 Hardheaded quest at General Duku in PC above the Gem socket NPC.

Copper Ore Vouchers:

L50 Ape City Takeover quest at Ape Merchant in AC.

L80 Broken Sword quest in Desert in the Oasis.



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