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There’s a boy looking for someone to help him enter the temple in the northwest corner of the Twin City map.

To start this quest, you’ll find Phantasms mixed in with apparitions, they have a chance to drop a JadeGlyph.

Bring the JadeGlyph to KungFuBoy up by Twin City Mine, and use the Glyph to enter the temple.

Once inside, kill undead until you find a FateBox, this usually doesn’t take very long.

Talk to the KungFuBoy again and say: “I think I found our way out of here.”

On the next floor, slay the leader of the undead and it will drop two DemonGems.

Talk to the KungFuBoy for the last time and choose to make the gems into Earrings.

The reward for this quest is Elite +1 Earrings.

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