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People have been requesting it throughout the years, so I’m working on unlocking Ninja as playable class once again.

Why was Ninja locked in the first place?
There isn’t anything particularly wrong with Ninja in my book other than Toxic Fog. Toxic Fog will definitely NOT be like retail.
Toxic Fog was extremely overpowered, but take away Toxic Fog and Ninja is a useless class in every regard.

Since the Ninja won’t have Toxic Fog bringing the foes HP down to 1 for them… it’s obviously going to need some love to be a worthwhile class.

I’m going to try to make Ninja the Squishy speedster it should have always been. (and a bit of a jack of all trades.)

The Speedster part… The signature Ninja skills that will make it the most mobile class in the game:

Shadow Cyclone – A shorter version of Cyclone that’s right click on demand and costs 60 Stamina instead of being an XP skill.

Shadow Step – Right click anywhere on your screen to instantly Teleport there in a puff of black smoke. Costs 40 Stamina.

Combined, these skills actually making being melee’d by a Ninja a real possibility.

These skills will be Ninja Exclusive and not inherited by any other classes from rebirth and come with this downside…

What keeps Ninja from being all around better than Trojan?

The Squishy part… Ninja will passively take 10-20% more damage from all sources compared to other classes.

Other skills and descriptions:

Toxic Fog – No longer has any Damage over time effect. Hits decent sized AoE area and is like a cross between Fire Circle and Hercules. Costs 40 stamina.

Archer Bane – Unchanged from retail. Use on a flying archer to force them to land. Costs 50 stamina.

Poison Star – Also the same as retail. Use on another player and they won’t be able to use potions for up to 20 seconds. Costs 50 stamina.

TwofoldBlades – Dual Ninja Sword skill. Unchanged from retail. Hits twice fast with 110% melee damage each hit. Rather short ranged but still useful. Costs 30 Stamina.

Existing water skills Ninja will get pre-rebirth: (Since they cost MP you will need a gourd or points in SPI to make use of them.)

StarOfAccuracy – Boosts speed across the board, suiting the Ninja well. (Boosts Attack Speed, Accuracy, Lowers Archer Damage)

Invisibility – Because it also fits the Ninja’s theme. (Makes monsters ignore you, scatter can’t hit you, maybe other things…)

XP Revive – Ninjas are magic right? Bringing people back from the dead is something Ninjas SHOULD be able to do. With their Chi and whatnot.

Non-Native Ninja skills you’ll want to use:


At the same time the patch for Ninja is released there will also be some KeyBlade weapons added to the item mall. They were originally intended to be cosmetic only skins that have the same stats as 130 Super Blades. But since they have only the level 130 requirement and no STR requirement, 130 Ninjas will be able to use a KeyBlade and unlock the use of FastBlade easily.

Stigma, Magic Shield, Reflect, etc. will be unlockable with rebirth.


It’s still a ways off… Ninja items need to be coded to drop and be sold from shops… rebirth skills need to be set (UGH)
I may add a few garments before I release the patch for ninjas + keyblades too.


Have an idea on how to make Ninja fun and fair? Leave a comment below or send me an email at: saturnserenityco@gmail.com

Ninja is officially available for new characters and rebirth. 2/16/2016

Ninja Items are available from Gambler. Poison Star Working. 2/19/2016

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