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The old damage reduction calculations weren’t terrible but I felt they were limiting in ways they shouldn’t have been. (And just not correct)

Before damage reduction from blessed gear and tortoise gems were added together and capped at 84% reduction.
This meant that with full dmg -7 gear you only gained benefit from the first 6 super tortoise gems and any past that were useless.

So here’s how I’m fixing it:

Breaking Blessed Reduction and Tortoise Gem Reduction into two separate equations instead of globing them together.
(Before the problem was you hit 100% reduction real quick and suddenly all incoming damage was reduced to 1.)

Even broken up into 2 equations Tortoise Gem Reduction still gets out of hand when a full set of STG’s is used, (84% reduction) leading to nearly all melee dealing 1 damage.

So to prevent tortoise gems from being overpowered when used in large quantities here’s whats going to happen:

The first 6 Super Tortoise Gems will reduce incoming melee by 6% each like normal.
(6 STG’s = 36% dmg reduction)

Past 6 STGs each additional STG will give only ~4% each.
(10 STG’s = 52% reduction, instead of the listed 60%)

Past 10 STGs each additional STG will give only ~3% each.
(14 STG’s = 64% reduction instead of the listed 84%)


Incoming melee damage of 10000.

Damage reduction from max blessing: 51%

10000 – 51% = 4900.

Then Damage reduction from a max of 14 Super Tortoise Gems (64%) on the 4900.

4900 – 64% = 1764.


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