Drop Rate Increasers -

There are a few ways to increase Drop Rates.
1: MagicFind Hidden Stat. Magic find increases drop rates for Meteors, Meteor Tears, Dragon Balls, +Stones, Equipment quality, Gems.
2: Luckytime makes all drop rates x2.

Gambler NPC -

Gamble 100k - 5 mill for a chosen equipment with random stats.
This is a good way to get starter gear such as dmg -7s, Supers and pluses. Artisan Wind is still better for Sockets.

Weekly Guild War Prizes -

After every Guild War Bronze, Silver or Gold Prizes are give out to anyone in a guild that has won 1, 2 or 3 rounds of Guild War respectively.
These are temporary Gourd Slot items that come with +2200 HP and MP, 2 Super Gems, dmg - 7 and 255 HP.
They only last for the week after Guild War, when they are removed and re-added to the winners of the latest GW.

Charity Chest in Twin City -

Have a decent item that you don't want? Instead of dropping it on the ground you can put it in the "Charity Chest" in Twin City to the right of the Serenity NPC.
All players can take items (or gold) out of the chest, so some new player may benefit from your junk.

Level Mining Proficency to increase Mining Rates -

When you gain ore, gems, etc you gain EXP towards your Pickaxe Proficency, which directly increases your Mining Rates. (hitting enemies with a pickaxe does not level it's proficency.)

Proficency Improvements -

Backsword Proficency increases M-Attack.
Shield prof Increases Def when wearing a Shield.
Zapping increases Backsword Proficency.

Attribute Point Improvements -

Gain 5 Unspent attribute points per level instead of the usual 3.
Points don't get auto-alloted for non-reborn, giving more freedom when it comes to build.
Non-Reborn Melee Water is possible for example.
Attribute Point max is 1000 and points can be gained from Candies which are randomly (semi-rarely) dropped by all mobs.
Attributes actually matter.
Str increases Attack much more than retail.
Agi increases Attack Speed much more than retail, and with enough agility you can attack insanely fast.
Spi increases Magic Attack much more than retail.

Healing Spells increase with M-Attack -

Curing is much more viable, especially for M-Atk Waters. Advanced cure can restore thousands of lost HP instead of tiny insignificant amounts like retail.
Meditation also gets better with M-Atk, Spi, BackSword Proficency. Even Spirit Healing the Trojan Skill goes up with M-Atk.

FB/SS type line skills for all classes -

Archer gets Glacial Arrows that deal Ranged Damage. (And hits flying archers) Obtained from "Pedlar" in TC for 30k. Lvl 30+ Archer.
Taoist gets Mana Pulse that deals Magic Damage. (And hits flying archers) Obtained from "Pedlar" in TC for 30k.
Ninja gets Searing Blades that deals physical damage and lowers the target's M-Atk for a few seconds. Obtained as a drop from BabyDragons in Frozen Grotto floor 3.
2 Handed users get Icy Impact the Spear skill that deals physical damage. Obtained from "Pedlar" in TC for 30k. Lvl 40+
All skills are Right Click to activate and hit things in a line exactly like FastBlade or ScentSword.
Their Stamina cost is also identical to FB/SS, making all classes equally able to participate in FB/SS.

Any class can dual wield -

The Serenity NPC can help you equip a normally not equipable left hand weapon, so you can dual wield club and sword as a Water Taoist, or whatever else.
Taoists can also dual wield Backswords for more M-Atk. (or opt for a shield for defense) All stats gained from a non-shield left hand item are halfed.

Passive Armor perks -

Since being able to wear any classes armor is a thing, instead of having archer coats be the best for melee classes and tao robe be the best for M-Atk, Warrior, Ninja and Trojan armors have hidden perks.
Ninja and Trojan armors have a passive outgoing damage increase of 20%.
Warrior armor negates 20% of all incoming damage.
Archer Coat remains very good because it has high M-Def and Def.
Tao Robe obviously gives M-Atk and will be the obvious choice for Fire taoists or M-Atk Waters.

And many more.