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The Eternity Server is ready enough to clear test accounts and move into final release today. (May 11th, 2015) (Meaning all new characters from here on will be saved.)

List of things done:

Mob Drop rates and Quests rebalanced to be fast enough to have fun but slow enough to keep people from maxing out in a week. WAY more items drop then on Serenity.

Retail Moon Box quest added.

Change Class if your still below level 15 at Serenity in TC.

NPC with a list of new players that would like help from veteran players added near where you first login in TC. Talk to the NPC to add your name to the list.

Magic Stones from Zone-2 added. Use a Magic Stone to 33% Attack, Defence or Magic Attack for an hour.

Magic Find Attribute added to match the existing candy’s that permanently  raise attributes. Raise Magic find with MagicTreats or MagicCakes. Max 300% Magic Find. Find from all Mobs or purchase in Item Mall. (Magic Find improves the stats of equipment dropped from mobs, meaning higher chance of Blessing, Plus, Super, etc.)

Socket Luck Attribute added. I removed de-leveling for DB’s on Eternity, but I added Socket Luck increase Candy to help make up for it. Max 150%. Find from all Mobs or purchase in Item Mall.

Vip Tokens from Zone-2 added. 30 day VIP instead of permenant.

Way more stuff I can’t think of off the top of my head.

I’ll be playing as a normal player while patching up any little things that I find along the way.

Join in on the fun while everyone is still a noob!



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