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Updated on 12/4/2015:

Server Info Sidebar added with Status, Player Count, Top Players list, Guild War Winners, etc.

Safe Zone added to Twin City. Just the square around the Serenity NPC where you first start out. Players take 0 damage and deal 0 damage while standing in the safe zone. Added a message and small effect that shows when you enter the safe zone.

Artisan Wind Meteor auto-spamming VIP feature added.

New Adventure Zone enemies added to empty maps. New best place for leveling 130+.

I thought all exploits were patched but someone found another duplication exploit and pumped a ton of crazy gear into the server.
I did a rollback to before the stuff was given out (3 days back) and implemented a Unique ID check system that should make duplicating items from now on completely impossible.

Convenience feature – Adding conversion of Super Gems already in equipment. (Drag/Nix/Rain/Vio only) for CP.
Instead of removing and wasting a Super Gem to change from Super Dragon to Super Rainbow for leveling just pay a few CPs.
215 CP (the cost of 1 DB) per Super Gem changed is the number I’m currently going with, may change it in the future. (So changing full 2 socket is like 3k CP) Better than 1.5 billion gold to remove and replace every gem. (and a lot faster)

Added the ability to trade 2 +1 Items for a +1 Stone to the item exchange in market. (Hopefully this will make +1 items more useful)
+2-+8 have now been added.

Gold spent teleporting since last maint added to conductresses just for fun.


Water Taoist Buffs increased usefulness –

Stigma was changed awhile back to also boost Magic Attack as well as Physical.
Now Magic Shield has been changed to also reduce incoming Magic Damage.
Star of Accuracy made less worthless. Increases Attack Speed and Ranged Damage and lowers miss chance.

Vitality attribute points will make you a bit tankier. In addition to adding a bit of HP will also add 2 points to defense for each Vit point.

Reflect displayed damage fixed.

Warrior with shield has a chance to block incoming arrows and other ranged attacks. Effect added to display when this happens.

Guild Name weirdness improved. Seems to not be showing your own guild’s name green as often (still saw it did it after I passed leadership) Not entirely sure how it’s reading your own guild as an ally guild when the server never sends an ally packet. Once in awhile it won’t load a guild name but it’s not as often as before and they usually load in when you re-enter the persons screen.

x5 Training Ground EXP for 8 hours purchasable for GWPoints.

TG Stake/Scarecrow HP increased from 10000 to 50000 (So hard hitters gain more exp than before) HP Bars removed since they would be super big with the extra HP.

Guild Leader on the guild screen fixed to update when you pass leadership.

/findguild command added to get a list of all online GuildLeaders and DeputyLeaders.

NPC with a list of the Top 8 Largest Guilds. See Member Count next to the guilds name. Ability to click on a guild on the list and see the guilds bulletin and a list of GL and DLs and whether or not they are online at the time.

/junk VIP command to drop all junk items onto the ground.

Adding some random things that can happen if you have Luckytime.
Chance for your Equipment to gain progress towards your next + when melee attacking a Monster.

Chance to gain a Max Durability on equipment when melee attacking a monster.
On list of maybes:
Common chance to deal x2 damage or take half damage.
Progress and Dura up work for skills.

Donate a penny (or any amount) with your character’s name if you forgot to enter your name on a recent donation to claim the reward.

Equipment breaking and disappearing properly fixed. If equipment durability gets down to 0 it should disappear. Made it harder for gear to get all the way to 0 without you noticing. An effect and Warning message with show quite often if it starts falling below 4 durability.

Auto repair added as a VIP perk, if any gear falls below 4 durability it will automatically try to use VIP repair on all your equipment. (still requires gold)

Duel system added. You can choose to start a duel from the Arena NPC. The dueling system runs on a ladder system that keeps track of the Top 8 Duelers. Request a duel and only one of the Top 8 can accept your challenge. Beat the Top 8 to move yourself into the top list to take on challengers.

Two things to make dying a little more meaningful:
Lose a little bit of EXP when you die in a Non-PvP map. If you die to a player they steal some of your EXP. (Limit 50% of a level stolen so you can’t kill a level 130 with a level 1 and gain tons of levels)
Lose a little bit of durability when you die.

PvP event Raffle:
Every time you win a Tournament (1 HP or Most kills in 5 minutes PVP) you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a Base Stat Weapon with Mana/HP/Poison Attribute. The computer will pull a name on Sundays at 8:00 pm (20:00 Server Time). The winner has the whole week to claim the prize at the Arena NPC. (So no one will lose out if they are offline when the drawing happens)
To keep it slightly difficult the weapon type is randomly picked from all weapons (including the junk ones) as is the Attribute it comes with. Poison Attribute on Bow or BS aren’t possible due to OP reasons, but all other combos are possible. If you get junk no worries, you can exchange 2 junk ones for another randomly generated one in Market at UpgradeMaster.
Hopefully this will give people something to do and give people a reason to get out there and have fun Fastblading/Scentswording/ManaPulse…ing.

Scatter EXP should be back to default.

Meteors/Tears/DBs that should be saved by SocketLuck are actually saved.

Chance of socket now also applies to market upgrading:
Not sure why in retail CO Market upgrading loses the chance of socket… so… yeah…
Same rates as TC and its by the upgrade not by the meteor, so an upgrade in market that costs 17 meteors has the same chance as an upgrade in TC that works on the first Meteor.
Same goes for DragonBall upgrading in market.

SocketLuck Attribute is calculated the same as TC socketing and depending on your SocketLuck you’ll even have a chance to save some Meteors just like in TC.
So now the only diffrence between market and TC upgrading is the Meteor Cost VS Meteor Chance.
Guess this change is nice if your lazy and don’t feel like chancing but still want that chance of socket.

Added a “Developer Room”.
Create a noob and enter the Dev room and you can easily make it a maxed character with maxed gear and all skills/profs for experimentation or just to play around with.
Once characters enter the Dev room they are considered “Testing” characters and won’t be able to leave the Developer Room.
You can Spawn monsters, PvP with other players in the Dev room, change your class, and customize the Gems in the max gear that’s given freely.
Level 70 or lower limit added to keep people who can’t read the 2-3 warning messages from entering with good characters accidentally.




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