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It’s obvious drop rates with no events were way to slow, so I’ve tried to boost base drop rates and make event multipliers no longer stack so that the new raised base rates don’t make drops too crazy with max events.

Violet Gems Drop Rate Increase limited to 40 pct so that players can still hunt PvP ready with combat gems instead of Violet Gems for rates. Base rates were increased to compensate for less Violet Gems.

What I mean by making multipliers not stack: Before two x3 Events going would be x9 rates, now it’s x6 instead. It got a bit crazy when you had two x3 rate events, Luckytime x2, Magicfind x3, Max super Violet Gems (x2.8) and killing whitename+ enemies x4 (added up a 1% chance becomes a 604% chance)

I’ve completely adjusted plussed item drops to be all around higher, especially +1 – +4.

The overall effect is rates with no events are over 3x as fast as they were, and rates with events should be roughly the same unless you had literally every multiplier possible before.

You can now type /myrates to view your personal rates based on gear and magicfind, or /baserates to see the base rate values.

/myrates also gives you advice as to what you could do to have higher rates, such as increasing number of Violet Gems or getting Luckytime.


Behind the scenes:

Most drop rates can now be adjusted on the fly via GM commands, which makes it easier to dial it in exactly where it needs to be and test live in the field without tons of server restarts.

A good improvement for anyone wanting the start your own server pack.

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