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Drop/EXP Changes:

As of 3/4/17 Drop limits are removed for high pluses and sockets since rates seem to be dialed in to a good value.
In addition, Rates for One and Two Socket non-weapon items increased.
Plus rates decreased slightly since the limit was getting hit very quickly.
Global EXP multiplier increased. (from 5x to 12x)
Possible number of items per mob increased from 1 to 2. (effectively increasing rates globally)

EXP/Drop rate bonus for every level 70+ or Reborn character online: (3/12/2017)

This is kinda a weird feature, it feels kinda gimmicky like Youtube’s Heroes Points thing (and I’m sorry for that), but I figured I’d add it and see what happens.
I’m not great with social media or marketing or advertising, so I was trying to think of other ways to encourage server growth.
Increasing global EXP and Drop rates a little bit for each L70+ player logged in seems like a good way to encourage existing players to spread the word.
The bonus isn’t terribly significant, at 2% per player (needing 100 players online to be the same increase as a donation x3 event), but it adds up when there are several people active and running more than one client.
For example it will be at 2x with 50 players online.

Obviously the main drawback is it doesn’t just promote more active players, it also promotes leaving tons of noobs logged in, which isn’t necessarily what I’m after, hence the level 70 minimum.
I’m not a huge fan of how it feels kinda gimmicky, somewhat promoting an artificial inflation of the servers player count, but Conquer is 13 years old now and Private Servers are a dime a dozen these days, so having enough players to actually have a decent server is a constant struggle.
One thing is always true though: Players go where there are players.
So even if increasing rates for each online player only encourages existing players to keep a few extra characters logged in and doesn’t result it any new players directly, the player count on the main website still increases.
(without completely faking it like some servers)
I know for sure some people take one look at the player count when deciding to play a server or not, so that higher number directly translates into real server growth.
That’s the idea anyway. We’ll see!

Behind the scenes changes:

Algorithm to locate a suitable ground drop location for items improved to be much more efficient, allowing the increase of possible items from one monster.
(as well as raise the max players the server can support running around doing stuff ceiling which I haven’t hit yet.)

Ability to change rates, prices, and other server settings with a single config file on the fly without restarting the server added.

Possible future feature additions:

Medium-High Complexity possible features –

City Wars – Similar to the Guild War Pole system, I’ve always wanted to add a City War system.
Something along the lines of having a GW Pole type thing in each city that can be held by a Guild. (somewhere out away from the actual city, with a region around the pole that has the same PvP status as Arena.)
The guild holding the city pole “owns the city” and could get a small but steady influx of gold and/or other perks.
Other guilds could attempt to take a pole at any time, alerting the guild holding the pole that the pole is under attack and allowing them to quickly teleport to it to defend it.
To make things a bit more interesting, I could do something like allow the guild holding the pole the ability to spawn “defense turrets” around the pole with either gold or possibly a point system specific to city wars. Points go up for holding the city type thing.

Defense Turrets –
Primarily for defending a City Pole after you capture it, plopable personal defense turrets could be usable for other situations as well, such as defending miners or defending the GW pole.
Plopable defense turrets could be super simple (spawn a defense turret near the city pole for points) or I could make it more complex.
Complex example: I could have a defense turret manager NPC, each player could have X turret slots on the NPC and turrets could be unlocked via dropped items or bought with city war points.
To make it even more complex turrets could possibly be upgradable with city war points or level up with use.
To be able to place a turret anywhere it could use a command system like /t1 to place the turret from slot 1 at your current position. (with a cooldown after placement before it starts attacking targets to keep it defensive and not offensive, and another cooldown when it dies before it can be spawned again.)
Some kind of handling would need to be added to prevent it from being used to close to cities.
I’m assuming turrets would function like a stationary summon guard that attacks any Mobs/Players in range that aren’t allied or teamed with the owner.

No guarantee on any of these features, it’s quite a large amount of coding and debugging.









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