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Cumulative Patch – 1018

Since people are having trouble with some stuff missing because they don’t have older patches, this is an all in one patch that (probably) includes everything back to patch 1008.

There are also a few small changes like NPCs renamed in this, so I called it 1018 just because of that.

Totally optional if you have patch 1016/1017 everything is showing up right for you and you don’t care about cosmetic NPC names.

Download HERE.

Updated 1/13/2018 to fix elite scatter skill icon missing on blue client.

CPs Patch – CPs unlocked in market and for trades (1017) Black Client Only

Ok, since this patch has an interface modification and there are 3 interface styles this is going to be a little different.

This patch is for the BLACK interface version of the client ONLY: Download HERE.

It contains patch 1016 files as well for simplicity.

If you’re using the blue interface version, you don’t need this patch. The blue client has all the CP icons in place. This patch would just make part of your blue interface black.

I’ll try to do the Tan interface patch tomorrow.

All this modification really does is add the amount entry box and CP’s icons back to Trades and Market Shops, everything still works without this cosmetic update.

Client Download

Choose the client interface style you prefer!

Semi-Transparent Black And White Client by Saturn


Client Version 1012 ~338 Mb. Link tested and working as of 12/11/2016.

Click Here to Download the Black Transparent Client

Once on “Mega” you don’t need “MegaSync”, just Click “Download through your browser”.


Tan and Black Client by Citrine

Standard Interface

Client Version 1012 ~ 343 Mb. Link tested and working as of 12/11/2016.

Click Here to Download the Tan and Black Client

Once on “Mega” you don’t need “MegaSync”, just Click “Download through your browser”.


Original Blue Client


Client Version 1013 ~ 340 Mb. Link tested and working as of 12/11/2016.

Client Updated! Bridges fixed to not be invisible 12/11/2016.

Click Here to Download the Original Blue Client

Via 4Shared

*The Original Blue Client comes with all interface files intact, including parts not used on Serenity like talismans and horses.
This is mostly for people who get the server pack and want to use these features.*

It’s a bit hard to get the oldschool CO client to run fullscreen, but it is possible. (kind of)

The best way I’ve found is to change your pc’s resolution to 1024×768 and use the command /scale 200 in-game.

How to play once you’ve downloaded the Client:

The Client comes as a compressed 7-Zip file, there is no installer. Just extract and play.

Extract the client with either 7-Zip (Click to open the download page for 7-Zip) or WinRar (Click to open the download page for WinRar).

Find the Folder the Client was extracted into and run “Conquer54fps” or “Conquer160fps”. 54fps is recommended for most users.

*Side note about the FPS* The 54fps .exe will run CO at 54 Frames Per Second and 160fps .exe at 160 Frames Per Second. 54fps is much higher than default values and movement like jumping is much smoother than vanilla CO. 160fps is a bit ridiculous  since monitors usually refresh at only 60hz. 160fps makes movement butter smooth but makes effects (like weather) play extremely fast, and undoubtedly makes your computer work harder than 54fps for little noticeable improvement. You are free to rename the executable “Conquer” or whatever you want and delete the un-used .exe if you desire.

If everything went right you should be staring at a login screen. If you don’t have a game account you can create one by clicking HERE. No E-Mail required.

Along with the unlocked FPS, the client also already includes useful things retail CO considers illegal such as MultiClient, edited Itemtype.dat to show (S) in front of a Super Item’s names, etc.


Buttons out of place on the interface or UI in game: People have solved this by changing their computers DPI or in windows 7- 8 they call it text size. (Display > Text Size) apparently the “Smallest” setting does the trick. Also make sure you have Microsoft .net Framework. You can get it here: .Net Framework 4.5

Low Fps in game: Try enabling pointer trails. A guide on how to do this Here. (this problem is related to intel I 3-7 series processors)

Not running full screen: The Client Serenity CO runs on is completely classic, so unfortunately it doesn’t yet have the full screen options of new CO. Your monitors resolution will probably have to be changed if you want CO to be full screen.

Get the disconnected from server (you may need to update your client) message when you login? This is the default message when the  client fails to connect. It could mean server maintenance or the server is down. If your sure your internet or security settings aren’t to blame, and if it persists for a very long time I would check the site or facebook page for an update.

Client Freezing at the logging in screen with no error message? – This happens when the server authorizes your login but when it goes to find your character info it hits a snag. Causes: Invalid Symbol in your characters name. Try using only A-Z, a-z, 1-9 in your name and it should solve this problem. Once in a great while this can happen to a character that doesn’t have an invalid symbol in the name, contact me and I’ll fix it.

Have a problem not listed here? Ask it in the forum and I will add it to this list!

Older Patches

*New client downloads don’t need these old patches.*

Patch 1016 – Armor and Headgear Stats Updated

Download patch 1016 HERE.

Patch 1015

Download HERE. *Updated 2/19/2017*


Patch 1015 comes with all files from patch 1013 and 1014. Mainly there was an issue with patch 1014 that broke Searing Blades from the 1013 patch.
1015 fixes that and adds the required files for the two new custom skills Mana Shield (Use your Mana Bar as an HP Bar), and Lend Energy. (sacrifice your own Stamina to restore someone elses)

More info on new custom skills added with this patch:

Both skills are for Water Taoist and are learned from the Taoist promotion NPC.

Mana Shield is a level 120 Water Taoist skill – You can cast it on others or yourself and when they/you will get hit instead of losing HP it will deal the damage to your Mana pool.

Lend Energy is a  level 65 Water Taoist skill.  This skill is water specific like pray and doesn’t carry over from rebirths.

Halberd skill level 6 fixed.

Description for 1014 patch that’s included in 1015:

Magic-Attack given from +10, +11, and +12 will be lowered to less ridiculous increases.

Example of why this needed to happen:

130 Backsword M-Atk values:
+8: 452
+9: 565 (an increase of  113)
+10: 854 (an increase of 289!)
+11: 1236 (an increase of 382!)
+12: 1787 (an increase of 551!)

Basically, you gain over 3x as much M-atk from +12 as you do from +9.
Combined with dual wielding BackSword being a thing, these values end up being extremely OP and lead to a one Fire Taoist dominated Guild War.

As of Jan 21st, M-Atk increase from pluses over +9 lowered to increase by the same amount each plus as they did from +8-9.

So new values:
+8: 452
+9: 565
+10: 678
+11: 791
+12: 904

This includes Bracelets which also give M-Atk.

Lend Energy Water Taoist Skill added.

Description for 1013 patch that’s included in 1015:

This update adds the custom Katana Skill “Searing Blades” which is basically FastBlade for Ninja.

Other Skill Descriptions also updated to more clearly show what the skill does and what Weapon it is for.

Patch 1012 Download

Updated 11/1/2016.
Also includes patch 1011 material since they are the same files being altered.

Changes from 1012:
Small things:
Hunger Games Arena NPCs Renamed “CrystalForge” and “CrystalArmory” so you can tell which turns Ore into Weapons and which turns Gold into Armor.
Rock inside 1 HP Arena misnamed Auctioneer changed to “1DamageArena”.
PowerEXPBall, Cookie, Chocolate, Lollipop, IceCream, BuffStonesPack costs lowered slightly

Bigger things:
x3 Rate Event Time purchasable for CP via an item in Item Mall. Comes in 30 minute packs for 1400 CP (6.5 DBs worth). I’m not sure if this is too expensive or too cheap, because the x3 rates effect the whole server and create MUCH more than 1400 CP in value in 30 minutes, just maybe not for the person buying it. This was requested by SilentButtDedly.

Lucky Star Item Mall item created along the same lines as the x3 Rate Event Time for CP thing. Increases Socket Rates for first and second socket Server-Wide by x3 for 10 minutes. Again putting a price on this one and choosing a multiplier was a bit hard. I ended up settling on 1600 CP for 10 minutes, expecting that a bunch of people will spam as many dmg – 7 items as they can in 10 minutes (which with autospam is probably a lot), possibly yielding much more than 1600 CP in value in 10 minutes since 1 and 2 socketed -7 items are some of the most costly things in the game. If these values don’t feel right they can always be changed later.

I always try to keep donation rewards as fair as possible for people who can’t donate, since I’ve never been one to spend money on games myself, which is why I prefer things like these that allow donors to boost rates for everyone rather than making donors completely overpower everyone else.

Elite Scrolls added to Item Mall for 5-20 CP. Convenience Scrolls previously only obtainable from the NPC at the location they lead too, they are now in the Item Mall for slightly more than if you bought one from the NPC. These scrolls go to the following places: 1st RB NPC, 2nd RB NPC, Titan Spawn, Ganoderma Spawn, MetZone, Water Lords, Extreme Adventure Zone, DC mine.

Elite Starter Packs changed to Super Starter Packs. They now give a full set of Super +2 level 40 gear (7-8 pieces) for 400 CP instead of Elite +2. Includes Earrings and Hat for all but warrior (since they get wand, club and shield) as well as socketed Super Weapons with the appropriate normal Gem. Descriptions updated to show number of pieces in the pack Not sure anyone has ever bought one of these. (there is still no ninja pack because I don’t know if people actually buy these packs)

Older changes from 1011:
Added Magic Tassel and Mystic Monsters to the plains map before MetZone.
Replaced glitched out kungfuboy mesh with a different mesh.

Link updated 11/1/2016
Click HERE to Download Patch 1011+1012. ~~700 kb

Extract into client folder and overwrite existing files.

Patch 1010 Download

Released 2/15/2016.

Download HERE

Mega ~ 1.4 MB

As usual, extract into client and overwrite existing files.

What it contains:

Ninja weapons fixed so Ninja can be used again.
(Ninja weapons were replaced with KeyBlade skins since ninja wasn’t used.)

2 custom Ninja Skills added. Descriptions for existing Ninja Skills corrected.

Keyblades turned into cosmetic 130 Blade skins. They have the stats of a Super 130 Blade, gain the same bonus from Plus, and can be socketed, enchanted, etc., and allow the use of FastBlade just like a regular Super 130 Blade. 4 styles are available and they are 2k cps each in the item mall. One perk they have over a regular 130 blade: no Str requirement, just level 130 requirement. Adding these was actually harder than fixing ninja to be usable.

Ninja will be a usable class on Febuary 15th with maintenance. (Both new character and as a rebirth choice.)

Patch 1009 Download

Released 1/20/2016.

Download HERE

Or if that doesn’t work for you, HERE

Mega ~400kb

Mostly cosmetic only changes this time. Extract inside client folder and overwrite.

What it contains:

Main thing: Updated Descriptions showing Kylin Gem’s Boost to Vitality attribute and Moon Gems boost to Spirit.

Other stuff:

Some NPC names changed to make it easier to keep track of what they do. Like the Bulk Storage NPC for storing Gems, Meteors, and DragonBalls changed from Jeweler Lao to “BulkStorage”.
Overflowing with creativity, I know.

MeteorTearPack price fixed. It was off clientside saying it was 2600 cps or something when in reality the server only took 1200 cps. PowerEXPBall moved from Item Exchange NPC to Itemmall. Elixir (formerly ElixirWine) added to Itemmall for 10 cps.

Prices on items sold to shop NPC’s for lots of stuff like Meteors, Dragonballs, candy, Moonboxes, etc. upped a lot. (doesn’t really effect anything since there is the saleswoman NPC.) Still, I always felt being able to sell a DB to an NPC for only 3333 gold was a slap in the face.

Patch 1008  7/19/2015

Two skills added for archer:

Glacial Arrows:
Finally A ScentSword/Fastblade type skill for archer! Rains frozen arrows down in a line where you right click. Takes skill to aim but does way more damage than regular arrow damage. (which still at endgame means a Taoist with ManaPulse hits harder) This skill will obviously improve archers for PvP tremendously, but they are already the best hunters so this skill can’t be to OP. Costs Arrows and same Stamina as FB/SS. Skill book will be for sale at the Peddler. Level 30+ Archer.
Behind the scenes: The animation is an edited version of an unused ScentSword animation hand drawn in photoshop by me with a mouse, but it still looks pretty good.

Elite Scatter:
I didn’t want to just push old scatter out for a stronger version, instead this is a harder hitting and larger AoE scatter that costs Stamina and Arrows.
Fixed Regular Scatter damage – 80% of regular shot. Elite Scatter – 120%. Hits darn near everything on the screen. Level 110 to learn, and I think I’ll make people work for it a little.
It does take stamina to use, but if you jump and sit you can pretty much hunt with it like normal scatter. (maybe a little slower between shots) Can be useful if what your hunting isn’t quite 1 hit by regular scatter.
Since I wanted it to be a hard to get prestige skill, and Scatter revolves around killing tons of enemies, I’ve added a crazy Monster Extermination quest to kill 30000 of every Monster Type to unlock Elite Scatter. (Monster Type: Pheasants and TurtleDoves are the same type, same for Apparitions and Poltergeists)
Behind the scenes: I stumbled across the n-arrow effect which I assume is an unused XP skill for archer like level 2 ArrowRain and had to use it.

Patch 1008 for older clients – Download HERE
Extract into client folder and overwrite.

Patch 1007

Patch fixes all invisible Garments.
Magic Find boosters, Socket Luck Boosters and other items added for use on Eternity.
Skill book descriptions rewritten to be accurate and display damage percentages.
Adds selection for the Eternity server.
Patch 1007 for older clients –
Download HERE
Extract to Serenity Client folder and overwrite existing files.

Patch 1006

Invisible Garments fixed. Potions buffed, descriptions rewritten. Gem text updated to show new features. Elite Scroll data added for scrolls to MetZone, Reborn NPC, Titan, etc.

Patch 1006 for older clients –  Here

Serenityco Online