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What is VIP?

VIP is the primary reward for Donations.

Every 5 bucks gives one token unlocking VIP for 30 days along with CP, Silver and Event Time.

It can also be purchased from players who have donated. (It is commonly sold for an affordable amount usually.)
The average player should have no problem maintaining constant VIP status even without ever donating.

The Perks:

– AutoLoot for Silvers, Dragonballs, Meteors, Supers, Elites, +1/2 stones, Gems. Alert Message for +1-4 item drop. Meaning when you kill a monster, any money it drops goes in your inventory, and if it drops an item listed it automatically goes into your inventory. Some are toggle-able on or off with: Met – /m  Elites – /e  Super – /s  TreasureChests – /t

– /autoscroll AutoScroll for Meteors, MeteorTears, Dragonballs, +1 Stones, Gems. When you get enough in your inventory to make a scroll or compose, the system does it automatically to optimize inventory space.

– Auto Meteor Spam at Artisan Wind. Select the level you want to stop at the oven next to Artisan Wind. Upgrade the item like you would normally. The system will automatically use other Meteors or MeteorTears in your inventory to get the item up to that level or go till you run out of Meteors.

– Auto Repair (When any gear drops to dangerously low durability all equipment will be repaired. It still costs Gold and if you don’t have enough it won’t work.) When gear breaks it disappears so this is a kind of insurance against accidentally going AFK and coming back to broken equipment.
– Remote Repair on VIP screen. (Repair everything anywhere without removing Equipment).

– Remote Compose (Use +1 items anywhere).

– Remote Warehouse.

– /whereis and /ghost commands. Unlocks the command to type in: /whereis (Player’s Name) and get a readout of that player’s Map and Coordinates.
/ghost is unlocked for VIP too and lets you become untraceable by /whereis in case you don’t want to be found.

– /automine command which automatically drops all Ores lower than Gold Ore as you mine. Mining without this would be quite tedious.

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