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How CP is used on Eternity

CP can be used in the Item Mall to buy DragonBalls, Meteors, EXP Potions, EXP Balls, MoonBoxes, Garments, City Scrolls from anywhere and Promotion items.

Perhaps one of the most useful things you can do with CP is Item Transformation. This allows players to transform gear with good stats they can’t use into something they can. It also makes the item low level again so it can be helpful when creating 2 Socket Items.

There is an NPC in market named ItemExchange where you can purchase 1 and 2 Socketed low level normal items for 1200 and 12000 CP respectively.

ItemExchange also lets you gamble DBs for Plus Stones, anything from +1 to +6 is possible.

To liquidate CP into Gold, buying 10k Garments from the Item Mall and selling them to players is probably the quickest and most bang-for-your-buck.

CP can also be used for name change, gender change, and repicking of previous rebirth class skills at the love stone in market.

So effectively CP can be used to obtain nearly anything either directly or indirectly.

I didn’t want CP to ever take over as the main currency for trading. Having every item for sale in market for CP was dumb. CP is locked to the player that obtains it, it can’t be set as a currency option in a market stall. Garments can be exchanged for their full CP value in the Item Mall, allowing players to purchase a Garment, trade it, and refund it to trade CP easily between players while still keeping Gold the main currency.

Obtaining CP

Primarily, CP is awarded for donations.
It can still be obtained without donating a few different ways:

Garments – 100% chance of dropping from Arena Tiger and from Moonboxes. Up to 10k from one Garment.

Magic Lamps, Magic Tassels – Chance of getting CP. Up to 1k CP from Tassels.

Events – PK Tourny, Fastblade Tourny, Number Game, etc.

Recently CP bags were thrown in since the item existed in the database already. They drop from any mobs and give up to 6 CP each. If nothing else these give people enough CP to buy city scrolls when they need them.

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