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Donate to Serenity CO

I originally started this server with the idea of not giving anything other than visual things for Donations, but it just didn’t pay to keep itself running with that setup.

Still, I try to keep it as fair as possible.

Everything except for VIP is obtainable by everyone regardless of donation. (Even VIP can usually be obtained from players easily and affordably)

Events often reward CP and Garments can be obtained and traded in for CPs in-game.

I don’t take donations into account when I give support like some companies I know. Everyone has a fair chance and equal support from GM’s, PM’s and the Admin.

I allow selling In-Game Characters and Items for real world currency as long as the stuff being sold was earned by fair means.
(Even though allowing players to sell their stuff obviously hurts the amount of donations that the server receives.)
Just please don’t spam about it, no one wants to see characters being sold all over the place.
I also don’t feel it’s a GM’s responsibility to make sure people don’t get scammed while buying or selling to players, so do so at your own risk.
Just please keep in mind that buying stuff from players doesn’t help the person that does the coding and hosting of the server in any way.

Reward Info:

CP – Click here for information about CP

VIP – Click here for information about VIP

Server Wide x3 EXP/Drop Rate Event time – Click here for information

Some Gold is also given for donations.


Contact Saturn[Admin] in-game or E-mail SaturnSerenityCO@gmail.com for custom requests instead of the default rewards.
See the “Custom Requests” section below for more info.

Eternity Donation Rewards:

Rewards scale to give higher rewards for larger donations. (This is largely because PayPal takes a higher percentage in fees on smaller amounts)

All amounts are in US Dollars.

Here are a few Example amounts:

$5 = 8750 CP + 6.25 Million Gold + One 30 day VIP Token + 105 minutes of x3 EXP/Drop event *5% Bonus*

$10 =  21000 CP + 15 Million Gold + Two 30 day VIP Tokens + 220 minutes of x3 EXP/Drop event *10% Bonus*

$20 = 56000 CP + 40 Million Gold + Four 30 day VIP Tokens + 480 minutes of x3 EXP/Drop event *20% Bonus*

$50 =  245000 CP + 175 Million Gold + Ten 30 day VIP Tokens + 1500 minutes of x3 EXP/Drop event *50% Bonus*

$75 =  367500 CP + 262 Million Gold + Fifteen 30 day VIP Tokens + 2625 minutes of x3 EXP/Drop event *50% Bonus*

$100 =  490000 CP + 350 Million Gold + Twenty 30 day VIP Tokens + 4000 minutes of x3 EXP/Drop event *50% Bonus*

*Donations can be any amount, the amounts above are just examples. Bonus is already included in shown amount and capped at 50%*

How to get your rewards:

Rewards are automatically added by the system assuming you enter a SINGLE character name in the dropdown that says “Character name to add the Rewards?” on the “Review your Donation” Screen. Having the character logged-in when you donate is recommended.

This system also means that you don’t need to login to the website to receive rewards. In addition, you could conceivably donate and send the rewards to any character, even one that isn’t your own.

You don’t have to talk to an NPC in-game or anything, the stuff will just show up in your inventory or banks a few seconds after the donation is made.


Here are Serenity CO’s Crypto Currency addresses:

Bitcoin: 3BTVEkuvdzRmZfURxSgHxWWnRVB6dVMkDk
Etherium: 0xfd0e7EAA27210147ec0F83BE113DC5c8943c4254
Bitcoin Cash: 19pFBXYPhtgdtHnNVfWHQmSVS6wLLoe6wE
Litecoin: LY211gyrFNifarcy9WRFshdN6FmaDkyZeN
ZCash: t1g2FVXLn5qZ7sz7RjHfcigBrAAouVeDUHY
Burst (my favorite crypto): BURST-6LTK-UAW2-ELPX-46XTL
Dash: XstQDe4ZdpWn7LvtrWwZbYpfeYH2hPXnVc
Sia Coin: b9892c825611aec3aaa2bc5c58284130adea5e28c4b5c7454d1c2135797ba4068914be7ba49b
Verge: DHYNPAJRoyzEZGmZfb6HmUPuoivRLhhuHM

Crypto Notes: There is no automated system for crypto currency in-game rewards since no one really uses them.
Just email me after sending and I’ll manually add the rewards or custom rewards.
Rewards will usually be awarded the same day and rewards equal to the current USD value.
I’ve never used some of these currencies so it will be a learning experience for me.
Have a Crypto not listed above? You can contact me and I’ll see about adding it.


I understand that by accepting donations, I am committing myself to this server and the people that dedicate time and money into it.
As long as this server continues to be played on, it will continue to be hosted and updated.


Just a side note…

It kind of goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. Please DON’T donate if you are in any way hurting for money yourself. Priorities are important. 😉

PayPal can be fickle sometimes, so if for some reason you don’t receive rewards after donating with a name entered just contact me (In-Game or  E-mail) and I’ll add the missing stuff manually asap.
E-mail: SaturnSerenityCO@gmail.com

Custom Requests

Want something specific instead of the default CP, Silver, Event Time rewards?

I sometimes fulfill custom requests for donations as long as the value is similar to the reward you would usually get from the auto-rewards. (to be as fair as possible to those who get the regular rewards and/or work hard for stuff)

I figured it’s probably more fair to give everyone equal access to custom requests rather than just the people that happen to ask, hence this message’s existence.

When I judge “similar value” I take into account the CP, Gold, VIP Tokens (which are like 300kk right now for some reason), and Event Time of the regular rewards and try to compare them to the value of the custom request.

Since I have to be online to fulfill custom requests, the automatically added rewards may be better if you’re impatient.

Some examples and rough amounts that seem halfway fair:

-Skipping straight to 2nd reborn and keeping current Level.  Under Level 120 ($10), Over Level 120 ($15)

-“Perfect” Gourd and/or Garment. HP or Magic Gourd or any Garment with 2 Sockets, Super Rainbow Gems or Violet Gems, Dmg – 1, and 255 Enchanted HP. ($15 for one or $25 for both)

– A “budget” PvP ready character. (or hunting char) The basics to stand a chance at GW or other PvP events: A 130 non-reborn character, any class, with full 2 socket SDG or SPG, +6, +255 HP equipment.  5 Hero Tokens included for Lvl 12 Weapon Prof. ($45) *Note Pluses past 6, Dmg -7 and Poison/Mana/HP are probably the most costly part of gear and aren’t included*

Want something not listed? Contact me with your request and the donation amount you think would be fair and if it sounds fair enough to make it on this list I’ll fulfill the request for you and all future people who want the same thing. If it seems like you’d be getting way more value than people getting auto-rewards I may decline the request. No ridiculous requests please.

Forget to add your name on the PayPal donation screen?

To work around the problem of the “Character name to add the Rewards?” on the PayPal screen being easy to miss, I’ve made the server remember unclaimed donations and award them to the next person that donates.

So, unless someone else donates immediately after you (which is unlikely since they don’t exactly roll in lol) you can donate any amount, like one penny (or a million dollars) (this time adding your character name) and the server will add the unclaimed donation to your character.

A penny is lost to PayPal because they take 100% of any donation 50 cents or under in fees but its still an easier fix than rewriting the whole rewards system or adding it by hand when people miss it.

It goes without saying you should try to do this as soon as possible after making a donation with no character name, before someone else donates and gets your stuff.

Start Your Own Server Pack

Want your own copy of the source Eternity runs on to play around with or start your own server? – For any donation over 60$ (or smaller donations that add up to $60), and in addition to the CP/Silver/x3/VIP rewards, just e-mail me and I’ll send you a copy of the “Start Your Own Server” pack with the Server’s Source (Programmed in C#), Register Page (PHP), Paypal Auto Reward Script, and instructions on how to set it up, list of all GM commands, etc.
It runs on windows can be up and running in under 10 minutes if you know some basics about computers.
If I release an update with bugfixes or features you want after you’ve already gotten a copy of the pack just ask and I’ll send you the latest copy.
*Note the source included will be exactly the same as the live server (not exactly classic)*
I hope not to many take me up on this though because the Conquer Private Server market is already flooded with servers with few players.


I used to not do refunds, since it’s supposed to be a donation to keep the server running, not a purchase of something.

However, if your just totally dissatisfied with the server (Like if there is something wrong with the server that leads to you being dissatisfied, not just because you don’t have time to play anymore.)  within a reasonable amount of time after donating I’ll refund your donation.

Non-Paypal Donation Method – Direct to the cost of hosting on the VPS via NFO Servers

You can contribute directly to the monthly cost of the VPS hosting the server with this link:

NFOServers Donation Method

There is no auto reward system with this method, but it bypasses the weird Singapore donation restrictions and may work for you if you can’t get PayPal to work.

It has a 5 USD minimum.

I’ll still add rewards by hand for donations using this method.

What is the donation money used for?

The server doesn’t cost that much to run, around 22$ a month for the VPS and some for a 1 and 1 webserver. 15$ for the banner on top 100.

I don’t receive anything from the ads on the site, the person that set the site up gets that. (very minimal anyway, took 2-3 years for him to get to the minimum withdrawal amount of $100.)

The server always makes more than the cost of hosting easily, but it doesn’t make me rich. All told the server makes $200-$800 a month, which is less than someone flipping burgers at a fast food joint part time, so I can only afford so many hours into it each month.

Mainly the donation money means I have to work at my real job less and have more time to spend working on the server or on other projects.

I don’t waste the money on bad habits like cigarettes or weed or beer.

I try to give back a fair amount of my time, so donation money directly translates to bugs being fixed, features being added, questions being answered, etc.

On the side I’m also working on a Gardening Website and slowly writing a Sci-Fi fantasy novel, as well as working on a Car Combat game for Steam, but none of them make much money.

I’m going to start putting some of the donation money into savings to put some solar panels on my roof, and at least keep my end as green as possible. (and also get rid of that power bill.)

Want to help in other ways?

We badly need people to spread the word about the server to build the community. This is perhaps the most important way you can help.

Let me know when you find a problem and I’ll fix it ASAP!

Submit good ideas! Many good player ideas get turned into reality fast than you’d think.

Serenityco Online