Donate to Serenity CO

How to claim rewards:
Be sure to enter a character name where it says 'Enter a Character Name here!' on the PayPal Donation page! It can be very easy to miss.
If a name is entered your rewards will be added to the character automagically in under 30 seconds.
Sending the rewards to other people's characters is allowed this way too if you wanted.

Donate to Serenity CO

If you forget to enter a name when you go to donate, you can donate the minimum amount PayPal lets you (1$) and remember to add a character name this time and the automated system will add the previous unclaimed donation rewards to that character in addition to the $1. (as long as someone hasn't beaten you to it.)
You can also contact me on Discord at Saturn#1004 and I can add the rewards manually.

Donation Rewards

Donations will be rewarded with CPs as well as 1 VIP token for every $10.

1$ - 202 CP
5$ - 1050 CP (5% Bonus)
10$ - 2200 CP + 1 VIP Token (10% Bonus)
20$ - 4800 CP + 2 VIP Tokens (20% Bonus)
50$ - 15000 CP + 5 VIP Tokens (50% Bonus)
100$ - 30000 CP + 10 VIP Tokens (50% Bonus)

Donations can be any amount, the above are just examples.

Thanks for your support!

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