Donate to Serenity CO

Donate to Serenity CO
Be sure to enter a character name where it says 'Enter a Character Name here!' on the PayPal Donation page!
If a name is entered your rewards will be added to the character automagically in under 30 seconds.

*Note* If you forget to enter a name when you go to donate, you can donate 1 cent (any amount) and remember to add a character name this time and it will add the previous unclaimed donation rewards to that character. (as long as someone hasn't beaten you to it.)

Donation Info:

Donations will be rewarded with CPs to buy cosmestic only items from the in-game Item Mall. With the Jan 2020 wipe Serenity went 100% non pay to win, and now has relatively high cost Cosmetic-Only donation rewards.

Donation Rewards

Super simple. 200 CP per dollar.
5$ - 1000 CP
10$ - 2000 CP
20$ - 4000 CP
50$ - 10000 CP
100$ - 20000 CP
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Thanks for your support!

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