Donate to Serenity CO

Donate to Serenity CO
Be sure to enter a character name where it says 'Enter a Character Name here!' on the PayPal Donation page!
If a name is entered your rewards will be added to the character automagically in under 30 seconds.

*Note* If you forget to enter a name when you go to donate, you can donate 1 cent (any amount) and remember to add a character name this time and it will add the previous unclaimed donation rewards to that character. (as long as someone hasn't beaten you to it.)

Donation Info:

Donations will be rewarded with CPs, 30 day VIP Tokens in-game, server wide 3x exp/drop event time, and some Gold.

What does VIP give and how do you get it?

VIP Tokens add 30 days of VIP to a character, unlocking tons of useful features such as:
Auto Loot - DragonBalls, Meteors, Tears, Gems, Elites, Supers, Plus Stones, and other items such as Moonbox Tokens. (Plussed Items do not get auto looted, also not gold on this server. Sorry!)
Auto Scroll - Automatically optimizes inventory space by scrolling Meteors, Tears, DragonBalls. Composes Stones, Gems too.
Auto Meteor Spam - Set what level you want Artisan Wind to stop then upgrade once, meteors and tears from your inventory will be spammed on the item until it reaches to chosen level or you run out.
/whereis (playername) command - gives you the players location and coordinates
/ghost command - Hide from /whereis
/junk - drops all junk
/automine command - Automatically drops all ores on the ground keeping only Gems, Meteors, DBs, etc. (Limit 1 per IP since it's really good)

VIPTokens are fully tradable and VIP can usually be obtained from players without donating.

Donation Rewards

We've tried to go with Donation reward values that won't make donors completely overpowered, but still rewarding enough to encourage donations.
To encourage larger donations (and lower PayPal fees) the larger the donation the more CPs per dollar.

Donation Rewards

(all amounts are in USD)
5$ - 8750 CP, 6,250,000 Gold, One 30 day VIP Token, 105 minutes of event time (5% bonus)
10$ - 21000 CP, 15,000,000 Gold, Two 30 day VIP Tokens, 210 minutes of event time (10% bonus)
20$ - 56000 CP, 40,000,000 Gold, Four 30 day VIP Tokens, 440 minutes of event time (20% bonus)
50$ - 245000 CP, 175,000,000 Gold, Ten 30 day VIP Tokens, 1100 minutes of event time (50% bonus)
100$ - 490000 CP, 350,000,000 Gold, Twenty 30 day VIP Tokens, 3000 minutes of event time (50% bonus)*
*Bonus capped at 50%*

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Thanks for your support!

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