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Contact the someone on the server team


You’ll need to contact the Admin for lost account recovery or anything that requires direct access to the server machine to fix.

In-game: Saturn[Admin]
Discord: Saturn#1004
Email: SaturnSerenityCO@gmail.com


Community Manager
The Community Manager is tasked with day to day oversight of the community, There here to ensure you have a great experience, Run the Discord and Look after the other GMs!

In-game: Sananya[GM]
Discord: Sananya#2212


Game Masters
If something goes wrong in-game GM’s can most likely fix it.

In-game: Ophelia[GM]
Discord: Ophelia[GM]#1319

In-game: Heathcliff[GM]
Discord: Menkheres Veritas#7942

Player Moderators
Player Moderator is largely an event hosting and server policing role that can help with many small to medium in-game issues.

In-game Hyperion[PM]
Discord: Squiggles#5416

Server Down?
If for some reason the server goes down unannounced and doesn’t come back up within a few minutes you can E-Mail the admin at: SaturnSerenityCO@gmail.com
Occasionally the unexpected happens with the VPS without me being aware so sometimes a heads up is nice and can save some down time.

Forgotten Password?
You can E-Mail me at SaturnSerenityCO@gmail.com with whatever information you have to prove your the owner and I’ll help you recover or reset your password.

Things you can send that prove ownership so I don’t help anyone hack someone else:

Character Name.

One or more of these:
Some part of the password or a guess at the password. (if it’s really close that’s good enough)
Your IP address that you log into the character with so I can check the list of IP’s and see if it matches. (You can find this out by typing “Whats my IP?” into Google.)
If you’ve donated then the E-Mail address attached to the paypal.
If you have access to accounts that have similar username scheme to the lost one that’s good too.

Found a Bug or Exploit?
If you find a bug or exploit that’s worth mentioning you can contact anyone on the server team about it.
I don’t take any actions like banning people that report stuff, at worst if the exploit has given a huge unfair advantage I may try to undo the items/gold/levels achieved by exploitation.

Comments or suggestions?
If you have a comment or suggestion on how I can improve the server or website you can let us know.
If enough people support the change I will usually make it.

Serenityco Online