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Contact the Server Admin



I’m on Discord most of the time, that’s usually the best way to contact me.

You can also E-Mail me at the address below.

I actually read the emails and I do my best to reply within a few minutes unless it’s off hours.

If your having technical difficulties please check the forum or ask players in game (if you can) before E-Mailing. Thanks!




Emails sent to this address go straight to the main administrator so you can get help with just about anything.


Server Down?



If for some reason the server goes down unannounced and doesn’t come back up within a few minutes you can E-Mail me and let me know its down if you want. (I will post the status on the facebook page if something’s going on so check that before E-Mailing.) Occasionally the unexpected happens without me being aware so sometimes a heads up is nice and can save some down time.

Forgotten Password?



You can E-Mail me with whatever information you have to prove your the owner and I’ll help you recover or reset your password.

Things you can send that prove ownership so I don’t help anyone hack someone else:

Character Name.

One or more of these:
Some part of the password or a guess at the password. (if it’s really close that’s good enough)
Your IP address that you log into the character with so I can check the list of IP’s and see if it matches. (You can find this out by typing “Whats my IP?” into Google.)
If you’ve donated then the E-Mail address attached to the paypal.

Found a Bug or Exploit?



If you find a bug or exploit that’s worth mentioning you can E-Mail me about that.
I’m trying to keep both servers as fair as possible and keep the cheating to a minimum.
I don’t take any action like banning for people that report stuff, at worst if the exploit has given a huge unfair advantage I may try to undo the items/gold/levels achieved by exploitation.

Comments or suggestions?



If you have a comment or suggestion on how I can improve the servers or website let me know.
If enough people support the change I will usually make it.


Serenityco Online