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Some tips on where to invest your energy for an optimized end-game build.



Also, explaining many of the changes with this server.

I figured I’d make a guide about character building outlining what you can do and what the results will be since there are several things this server has that no others do.

I’ll try to cover Attribute Points, Gem Choices, Look at weapons like Sword and Blade, Dexterity or Strength ring debate, Club and Shield vs 2 Hander, things of that nature.

I’ll try to cover everything in detail for new players. Info specific to this server I think veteran Conquer players will benefit from will be highlighted in White.

Attribute Points:

Unlike retail CO, Attribute Points make a huge difference here.

Agility actually boosts speed. Hit chance also increases

Spirit actually increases Magic Attack. Mana Pool increases.

Strength increases melee attack a lot and ranged damage slightly.

Vitality increases Maximum Health.

Weapon Proficiency:

I’ve tried to make Weapon Proficiency more useful than usual and make it make sense.

Weapon prof increases damage: Proficiency multiplies damage done by 1% per level. (Max of 20% damage increase when prof is level 20.)(Left Hand weapon gains half the benefit.)

Shield Prof boosts Defense: 1% off the top of incoming damage for every 2 levels. (Max of 10% at level 20)(Works for melee and ranged damage)

BackSword Prof boosts Magic Attack and Healing abilities: Same increase as Melee, proficiency multiplies damage done (or amount healed) by 1% per level. (Max of 20% increase when prof is level 20.)(Note that the increase to magic only applies if your actually wearing a BackSword.)

Pickaxe Proficiency boosts Mining ability. Gain pickaxe prof by mining and you get better at mining. (Pickaxe prof no longer levels when you use it in melee.)(The rate increase from leveling pickaxe prof is quite substantial, making mining with a high level miner quite profitable if you have the patience.)


No matter what class you are you’ll have to choose some gems once you start getting sockets.

Here is a little different than all other servers in that Fury and Violet at least aren’t completely useless.

The no-brainers:

Dragon – Increases Attack. (melee and ranged)

Phoenix – Increases Magic Attack.

Rainbow – Increases Experience gained. (and its a very noticeable increase)

Tortoise – Increases Defense against Melee and Ranged.

Less obvious choices:

Violet – Increases weapon proficiency level speed AND increases drop rates. Some extra Super Violets on a hunter wouldn’t be a bad idea. Probably not worth the effort of making a full 2 socket set however.
(I recommend at least bringing one Super Violet Gem hunting because the first one is the largest rate increase.)

Fury – Increases Speed and Accuracy. Here, Archers can opt to use Fury Gems as a cheap alternative to Dragon Gems. Fury have their advantages and disadvantages over Dragon Gems. Dragons give more raw attack than fury but fury increase single shot speed as well as dodge against other archers. In this way Fury may be better than Dragon for PvP due to higher DPS on single target as well as more resistance against other archers.
Fury could be used by classes other than Archers, they do increase Dodge and Speed and Accuracy.

Moon – Increases Skill Experience gained and increases rate of weapon skill going off.

Kylin – Still worthless in sockets.

Dexterity Ring (Heavy Ring) or Attack Ring?

I’ve found that a Dex ring is 100% viable on a Trojan/Archer/Warrior/Melee Taoist. Sometimes even preferable.
Dex rings at max have +806-1209 attack and +48 agility.
Attack rings at max have +1098-1646 attack and + 27 agility.
Both at +12 give nearly identical + bonus.

People think Dex rings suck so you can often pick them up cheap.
By the time your wearing decent 130 gear 400 attack is almost nothing.
The 21 agility is the same as dumping 21 points directly into agility.
(since agility helps archers more here than retail CO, dex rings are viable for archers as well.)
Unless you never use Melee attacks, a dex ring benefits you just as much if not more than a regular ring because it increases hits per second and decreases miss chance at a loss of only 400 max attack when generally Trojans almost one hit everything anyway.
Still, not a huge difference either way.

Choosing a Weapon.

Club – High Damage, Low agility, Amazing skill. A must have for Trojan for easy leveling due to the AoE skill. Highest base attack of the one handers.

Sword – Medium Damage, Medium Agility, Great skills. Lower damage than other weapons is made up for by ScentSword and Phoenix. ScentSword has higher damage percent than FastBlade making Sword a dead heat or possibly better for SS/FB. Phoenix makes melee attacking more likely to hit, and when it hits it hits hard. Here Phoenix lowers targets magic attack for 4 seconds when it goes off. Not extremely useful but it may be helpful against Messengers or Taoists.

Blade – Medium/High Damage, Low Agility, Good skill. Great if you want to use Hercules. Better choice than Sword for Shield users than want to FastBlade since sword often isn’t enough damage without the right hand club.

Dagger – Low Damage, High Agility, Good skill. Penetration is the highest percent damage skill and it halves targets defense for 4 seconds each time it goes off. (De-Buff works on Guild Pole.)

Hook – Medium Damage, Medium Agility, Decent Skill. The hook skill has LifeStealing and steals HP from the target. Heals 1/4th the damage done.

Axe – High Damage, Low Agility, Decent Skill. The Axe skill stuns the target for a few seconds when it goes off. Stun prevents monsters from moving and attacking and prevents players from attacking and using skills.

Scepter – High Damage, Low Agility, Possibly useful Skill. The Scepter skill has ManaStealing and steals MP from the target. Steals 500 MP and Heals 500 MP.

Whip – Medium Damage, High Agility, Less useful AoE Skill.

Hammer – High Damage, Low Agility, Lame Skill. Boom skill slows down target, doubling how much damage they taking from archers for 4 seconds every time the skill goes off. (De-Buff works on Guild Pole.)

BackSword – Duh Magic Weapon.

Glaive – Medium Damage, Low Agility, Great skills. AoE passive skill and an AoE right click skill make Glaive extremely useful.

Poleaxe – High Damage, Low Agility, Great skills. Same skills as Glaive.

Spear –  Medium Damage, Medium Agility, Great FB/SS like skill. The passive skill for Spear is one of the highest damage skills for 2 hander, but it has a chance to miss. The right click skill for spear is just like FB/SS.

Wand – Medium Damage, Medium Agility, Great skill. Snow is a great passive skill for leveling due to all around AoE.

LongHammer – High Damage, Low Agility, Decent Skill. LongHammer has 2 skills, AoE in front of user passive skill, and an AoE around the user right click skill (Hercules for 2 hander).

Halbert – Medium Damage, Medium Agility, Weird skill. Halbert has an AoE in front of user skill that unlike all other weapons deals Extra damage based on magic attack. This could potentially be used by a melee Taoist as the skill could end up hitting very hard with high magic attack. How it calculates: Regular skill damage + Magic Attack + Spirit x 5 * Phoenix Gem Bonus.


Builds based on class:



Trojan Build Guide:

All out Health build. 176 Str. 20 Agi. 0 Spi. The rest on Vit. Trojan is relatively simple. This is probably the most common Trojan Attribute build for good reason.
Sacrifice max HP and dump more points into Str for more damage. You might be able to go from 2 hitting to 1 hitting if you do this.

Possible crazy build: All out speed. You can actually get a Trojan to attack as fast as an archer shoots, and it is pretty amusing. Dumping all Agi + Dex ring + High Agility weapons + Super Fury Gems does make for quite the show. PvP potential? Minimal. The enjoyment of seeing a flood of numbers when you whack something? Priceless.

Club and Blade or Club and Sword?

Trojans have a wide variety of weapons, and even though the weaker ones got special perks here, they still can’t really beat out Clubs/Blades/Swords.

What weapons you should pick depends largely on what you plan on doing the most.

Fastblade/ScentSword and want maximum damage? Sword is superior to Blade for this. ScentSword has a higher damage percentage than FastBlade. However, swords base attack is lower.

Can’t hit anything and want to use Hurcules? Dual Blades or even Dual Clubs is better for this. Blades and Clubs have higher base attack than swords.

Want to get up close and personal and try meleeing things? The Sword definitely beats Blade in this regard due to Accuracy and Phoenix. Dagger is also a distinct possibility here due to the skill being the highest potential damage output in the game.

Club in right hand always highly recommended. Why? Right hand weapon is where the majority of the attack comes from. Left hand weapon gains half the benefit. (sorry lefties) Clubs have both high attack and a great AoE skill, hence why everyone runs around with it.

Uncommonly used Weapon choices:

Hook’s LifeStealing ability isn’t bad.

Axe has Stun. Mob can’t move/Player can’t attack for a few seconds


Dragon Gems always with Trojan. Maybe some Tortoise if you want to increase survivability. Rainbow if you want to speed up the process.

Using Magic with a Trojan:

I highly suggest any Trojan user go Water Taoist at some point in a previous rebirth.

Self Stigma on a Trojan is amazing. Magic Shield is a good perk too.

Get a Miraculous Gourd for the +800 MP. Enough for 2 Stigmas.

Zapping with poison blade glitch does not work here, sorry.

Rebirth combo:

The best rebirth Combo for Trojan is Water>Warrior>Trojan hands down for both Stigma and Reflect.

Another approach to a Trojan:

If you wish, you can opt out of being a Trojan all together and make a Water Taoist that plays like a Trojan.

Reborn with a second weapon equipped and it will stay equipped. (Regular server only. Removed for Hard mode.)

Water Taoists dual wielding will always be squishier than a real Trojan, and never quite match in attack. However, for guild wars the ability to revive others makes it worth it.


Archer Build Guide:


Let me know if this guide helped you and if there’s something I should add.

More class specific stuff to come.




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