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Before the highest plus that could drop from a normal mob was +4, I’m adding the chance for +5-+9 and trying to make it rare.

One thing I’ve noticed about the drop system is getting rates to be rare but still possible is actually really hard, so I’ll keep dialing in rates and playing around with it until drop logs look fair. When I first added it I had rates at a value I thought would be insanely rare (.00001 on +9) and still a bunch were dropping…

I’m also adding a super rare chance of socketed and 2 socketed non-weapon equipment from mobs.

Too keep it from ever getting too ridiculous again, along with really low rates I’m also going to add a limit on how many of each can be dropped. The limit will reset with Maintenance.

Limit Values:
+5 – 12
+6 – 8
+7 – 6
+8 – 4
+9 – 3
1 Sockets – 5
2 Sockets – 2

To check these values you can use the command: /limits or /limit or /l *only after 7/19*

Hopefully having the chance of getting really good stuff while hunting makes things more interesting for everyone, without completely breaking the difficulty level.

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