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    New? Test Drive a 2nd RB L130 ...

    1 November 2016 , by Saturn

    January 2017- I’ve made a few “Loaner Characters” that anyone can borrow First off, this may be a terrible idea… we’ll see. The primary intention with this idea is to give people without high level characters a chance to try out the game with a good character or guest participate in PvP events. After all, the server do... Read more

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    Hunger Games Arena Open!

    29 October 2016 , by Saturn

    Welcome to the Hunger Games     I started making a Hunger Games Arena quite awhile ago, but never finished it all the way because it was so complex and hard to get remotely bug-free. Still, I believe it’s quite possibly the greatest PvP mode ever devised for Conquer, putting everyone on a level playing field and cramming everything ... Read more

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    Pervade changes

    1 October 2016 , by Saturn

    As it was, Pervade needed some work. It hit really hard and only cost 10 Stamina, but required 100 stamina to actually cast, a requirement that was client side only and easily bypassed for basically infinite casts. So instead, here’s the modified client file that changes pervade to no longer require 100 stamina to cast: MagicType.dat Pervade ... Read more

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    Chance of insane drops

    14 July 2016 , by Saturn

    Before the highest plus that could drop from a normal mob was +4, I’m adding the chance for +5-+9 and trying to make it rare. One thing I’ve noticed about the drop system is getting rates to be rare but still possible is actually really hard, so I’ll keep dialing in rates and playing around with it until drop logs... Read more

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    Adding Magic Lamp 2.0

    10 June 2016 , by Saturn

    I’ve noticed the number of Magic Lamps being opened is pretty insane, and I’m sure a lot of people hunt lamps as a primary income. Not necessarily an issue, except that having the level 70 enemies be the best hunting spot in the game doesn’t do much to reward high level characters. So, I’m going to do what I should... Read more

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    2-Hander Viability

    26 April 2016 , by Saturn

    For starters, Two-Hander skills going off in random directions is fixed. (wasn’t easy to figure that one out.) I’m sure everyone has noticed that 2-handers were close to useless since maybe 1 out of a hundred people use one. I don’t necessarily want them to push out club+sword for title of best, I just want them to be a solid... Read more

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    Fixing Tortoise Gem Damage red...

    6 April 2016 , by Saturn

    The old damage reduction calculations weren’t terrible but I felt they were limiting in ways they shouldn’t have been. (And just not correct) Before damage reduction from blessed gear and tortoise gems were added together and capped at 84% reduction. This meant that with full dmg -7 gear you only gained benefit from the first 6 super to... Read more

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