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    Monster GW Gate system added

    21 September 2017 , by Saturn

    Two new Tactics are being added that will be live for GW on Sept, 25th 2017. Tactic 1: Ancient Demon Gates To make Guild Wars feel more like retail with the Gate system, I’m adding a GW Tactic that functions much in the same way, but with a twist. Instead of static defenseless gates like retail CO, Eternity will have... Read more

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    Bot Checks

    23 April 2017 , by Heathcliff

    Due to the increase reports in botting, the PM staff will be performing random bot checks on players. Failure to comply with the bot checks may result in getting sent to annoying island or worse. These precautions are to prevent unfair game play and encourage players to grind like everyone else. Read more

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    Discord Server

    23 April 2017 , by Heathcliff

    We’ve established a Discord server.  We’re still working out a few permissions tweaks here and there and some additions. Feel free to drop by and chat or use the voice server. https://discord.gg/PeurPwm Hope to see you guys in Discord and the Server.   -PM/Moderator Heathcliff [avatar user=”Heathcliff” size=”origi... Read more

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    Poll – Player Requests

    31 March 2017 , by Saturn

    Democracy! Here you can vote for other player’s requests or add your own new requests to the poll. Please keep the requests serious. I will use this poll when deciding where to direct my effort. Requested changes or updates that seem like good ideas or that are supported by a decent amount of players will likely make it into the... Read more

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    Real Estate. Own the City!

    24 March 2017 , by Saturn

    A fun little feature that didn’t take rocket science to code, now you’ll be able to purchase Real Estate around the world of Eternity! There is a small client patch on the download page to change the NPC to be a “Real Estate” flag instead of a crystal. How does it work? How to purchase a Property: Real Estate flags... Read more

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    March 2017 Change Log

    4 March 2017 , by Saturn

    Drop/EXP Changes: As of 3/4/17 Drop limits are removed for high pluses and sockets since rates seem to be dialed in to a good value. In addition, Rates for One and Two Socket non-weapon items increased. Plus rates decreased slightly since the limit was getting hit very quickly. Global EXP multiplier increased. (from 5x to 12x) Possible number of it... Read more

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    Drop Rate Changes

    17 February 2017 , by Saturn

    It’s obvious drop rates with no events were way to slow, so I’ve tried to boost base drop rates and make event multipliers no longer stack so that the new raised base rates don’t make drops too crazy with max events. Violet Gems Drop Rate Increase limited to 40 pct so that players can still hunt PvP ready with combat... Read more

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