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    A post about Bitcoins

    21 November 2017 , by Saturn

    A very Non-Conquer related post. (other than that Serenity accepts Bitcoins, and has only ever received $8 worth lol) With the crypto-currency “Bitcoins” up to $8266 USD per bitcoin as of writing this, it might be time to start paying attention to bitcoins if you haven’t already… I mentioned Bitcoins and no one knew what I w... Read more

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    Serenity Facebook Page

    2 November 2017 , by Heathcliff

    WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!!! I know, what took us so long? Well, we needed a way to get more players, and Facebook seemed a good idea. That and a few of our current players were wondering why we didn’t have one yet. SO! If you have a Facebook, and you’re interested in bringing in new people, join the group!... Read more

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    Plug for the indie game I̵...

    20 October 2017 , by Saturn

    I haven’t had a ton of time to dump into Serenity latey… sorry for that. I’ve been busy with another project. Since I’ve talked to some people on Serenity and they seemed interested I figured I’d put this up here. So, here’s some screenshots of the indie car combat game a friend and I have been working on since A... Read more

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    House system finally added.

    5 October 2017 , by Saturn

    Details:     I never added houses because there aren’t really enough players for half of them to be hiding in houses, but I figure it’s about time I added them. Houses will be added in chunks, with this first update adding the dynamic house system that allows every player to have their own house. Warehouse chest will be added.... Read more

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    Monster GW Gate system added

    21 September 2017 , by Saturn

    Two new Tactics are being added that will be live for GW on Sept, 25th 2017. Tactic 1: Ancient Demon Gates To make Guild Wars feel more like retail with the Gate system, I’m adding a GW Tactic that functions much in the same way, but with a twist. Instead of static defenseless gates like retail CO, Eternity will have... Read more

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    Bot Checks

    23 April 2017 , by Heathcliff

    Due to the increase reports in botting, the PM staff will be performing random bot checks on players. Failure to comply with the bot checks may result in getting sent to annoying island or worse. These precautions are to prevent unfair game play and encourage players to grind like everyone else. Read more

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    Discord Server

    23 April 2017 , by Heathcliff

    We’ve established a Discord server.  We’re still working out a few permissions tweaks here and there and some additions. Feel free to drop by and chat or use the voice server. https://discord.gg/PeurPwm Hope to see you guys in Discord and the Server.   -PM/Moderator Heathcliff [avatar user=”Heathcliff” size=”origi... Read more

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