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    Serenity Facebook Page

    2 November 2017 , by Heathcliff

    WE HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!!! I know, what took us so long? Well, we needed a way to get more players, and Facebook seemed a good idea. That and a few of our current players were wondering why we didn’t have one yet. SO! If you have a Facebook, and you’re interested in bringing in new people, join the group!...

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    Bot Checks

    23 April 2017 , by Heathcliff

    Due to the increase reports in botting, the PM staff will be performing random bot checks on players. Failure to comply with the bot checks may result in getting sent to annoying island or worse. These precautions are to prevent unfair game play and encourage players to grind like everyone else.

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    Discord Server

    23 April 2017 , by Heathcliff

    We’ve established a Discord server.  We’re still working out a few permissions tweaks here and there and some additions. Feel free to drop by and chat or use the voice server. https://discord.gg/PeurPwm Hope to see you guys in Discord and the Server.   -PM/Moderator Heathcliff [avatar user=”Heathcliff” size=”origi...

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