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Download the patch: HERE

I really hate to adjust armor values from the retail ones and mess with the balance too much, but some people have pointed out that archer coat completely overpowers all other armor types. (which doesn’t really even make any sense.) It also gimps Fire Taoists quite a bit.

I’m going to try to rebalance the stats of armor, mainly M-Def %, which is going to require a patch to see the changes clientside.

The situation:

Right now 120 Archer Armor gives 80% reduction of incoming magic damage. Combined with the usual earrings (14%) you would have 94% reduction. So magic only deals 6% of normal damage. There is a cap at 90% currently to keep adding a shield from pushing the m-def % reduction over 100%. (all incoming m-damage would do 1)

What I’m thinking to remedy the problem:

80% m-dmg reduction for one piece of armor is just too much.

I’m going to lower the m-def % reduction values on both Archer Coat and Tao Robe to give Magic a chance.

While I’m At it:

While I’m in there and having to patch the armor stats in the client anyway, I want to make a few other little tweaks.

Since any class can wear any armor, the current armor stats are such that wearing a Tao Robe as a Tao or an Archer coat as any other class is likely the best option.

I’d like to make changes that make garbage armors more viable.

Example: Warrior armor with it’s measly 49% m-def should grant much more Defence than it does to offset it’s horrendous m-def stat.


Screenshots of new equipment values:



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