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Eternity Server Rules

Chat Rules

I think strong language just comes with the territory on online games, so I’m not going to try to police it too much.
1: More of a common decency thing than anything: if people ask you to stop, please stop.
2: No threats of real world action against people. Remember, it’s just a game, and it’s not just a bunch of mindless NPC’s like some games. All other characters are actual humans with actual emotions just like you.
3: I’d highly prefer World Chat be English, since it’s a primarily English server.
4: Spamming or advertising can get you muted from world chat, or character deletion if you’re obviously just on to spam and be annoying and not actually playing the game.
5: Please keep extended arguments out of World Chat.


CO is always a dramafest, but I think it can be taken too far.
Harassment that takes it too far:
Harassing another player with the intent of making them quit.
Repeatedly or excessively attacking someone on a personal level.

Client Edits

Edit as much as you want.


Botting with anything more complex than an auto-clicker is against the rules and can lead to perma-botjailing.
Auto clickers are fine, it’s expected that players will self police this via the open PK system.
I used to not care to much, but some proxy bots can actually hinder server performance significantly compared to a typical client.
Botting is also unfair for anyone who has earned their stuff by fair means.
Rates are already pretty high, mining comes with a VIP bot built into the server via /automine, you really shouldn’t need to bot.

Punishment for players caught running bots will be a 3 Strikes policy.

Strike 1: 3 players with the /bot command unlocked can determine if another player is botting and send them to a map called Annoying Island.
In order to leave the map the person determined to be botting must complete an annoying quest.

Strike 2: Characters caught botting by a GM or PM after already being caught once are subject to having one random piece of equipment broken, any items suspected to be gained from botting lost and sent to annoying island for a second time.

Strike 3: Characters caught botting by a GM or PM after already being caught twice will be perma-botjailed.

I will accept videos that clearly show a player botting as proof and it will count towards strike 2 or 3. You can email me youtube links to SaturnSerenityCO@gmail.com or other video transmission methods.


I’m not sure if there are any exploits, but people caught abusing obvious glitches for personal gain (and gaining 500kk or more in value from the glitch) may lose the items suspected to be gained from the exploit.
I never punish anyone who reports an exploit other than maybe reversing things gained from the exploit.

Impersonating Staff

No impersonating [GM]’s [PM]’s or [Admin]
Characters with names that obviously try to look like staff may have their name changed or be deleted.

Real staff will always have a [GM], [PM] or [Admin] tag in their name.

If someone says they have another account that is a [PM] but won’t contact you on the [PM] character then don’t trust them to be staff.

Sharing Account info:
Real staff should never ask for your account info, so don’t give it out. (Neither Username or Password)
The only staff that deals with login info is the [Admin] and I have access to login info without asking.

You are free to share accounts with friends and family but do so at your own risk, I don’t feel it’s a GM’s responsibility to protect you from theft when you were sharing account info.

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