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Patch 1016.1

  • Item Blessing (the damage -%) now halves magic attacks as well.
  • Changed technical back-end aspects to help identify server performance problems.

Patch 1016

  • Modified armor and headgear sets for balancing purposes. Full detail can be found HERE.

Patch 1015

  • Merged patches 1013 and 1014, fixing the Searing Blades visual issue.
  • New custom skills Mana Shield (Use your mana bar as HP bar) and Lend Energy (Sacrifice your own stamina to restore someone elses). Both skills for Water Taos
  • Mana Shield is a level 120 water tao skill.
  • Lend Energy is a level 65 water tao skill.
  • Halberd skill level 6 fixed.
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