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Meteor Shower Event working. – Meteors, MetTears or possibly DBs show up on the ground on one of the major maps. (TC, PC, AC, DC, BI or Market) Rate of drop and duration will continue to be fine tuned.

VipTokens fixed as a tradable way to add VIP to a character. Keeping the existing system that uses a behind the scenes Extra VIP variable but added the ability to turn an Extra VIP into a Token for ease of trading.

VIP Messages for +1, +2, +3 items being dropped changed to display the name of the item dropped so you don’t have to sort through everything on the ground to find it.

Commands added –

/viptoken – If you have Extra VIP’s you can create a VipToken to trade or sell to other players. An alternative to /givevip (Name).

/elites and /supers – Toggle autoloot to pick up or not pick up elites and supers. Want more commands to control what autoloot picks up? Ask and I’ll add them.

/autoscroll – Toggle Auto-Scrolling of Meteors, MetTears, DBs, and Auto-Composing of +1/2 Stones and Normal to Refined Gems as soon as you have enough in your inventory to pack. Enter the command again to disable.

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