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Happy New Year!

Congratulations earth!  It appears we have gone an entire year without a nuclear holocaust being started via twitter! (despite some people’s best efforts.)
May we continue to be so lucky.

Eternity Goals List for 2018

I figured I’d list goals for Eternity Server in 2018 as I think of them on here.

Goal #1: Player driven Market.

Why I’d like to see a player driven market:

A flourishing market was pretty much my original goal with starting a Conquer server, and it still has never been as good as it could be.

I always loved the market system and trading amongst players, but I realize Eternity is a bit to easy to solo to really need a market and trade.

A server without market stalls seems sub-par to me, since that was one of the core facets of Conquer Online.

With CP Trading and market selling unlocked, I’d like to make a push to get people to actually use market stalls.

If you read nothing else on this page please at least read this:

Inevitably some of the changes that will encourage a strong player driven market will make the game a little harder.

I hope you guys can bear with the slight difficulty increase for an overall improved Conquer Online experience.

I probably also need help pulling off the transition from NPC shop driven economy to player driven economy without bringing trade to a standstill.

If you have the time and some junk to sell in a market stall, please sell away.

Why Now:

Right now Eternity is set up to handle a small playerbase and still be fun and fast enough to be entertaining.

NPCs are great when the server is small and there aren’t a ton of players online to sell stuff.

I think there are enough players online average now to support a decent player driven economy and not rely so heavily on NPCs.

So, I’m going to try to slowly make changes that encourage a player driven market.

Things I can think of that will help build a player driven market:

I believe the primary reason for the lack of a large market on Eternity is the fact that it’s so easy to solo.

Players can acquire much of what they need from NPCs or drops, and don’t really need to trade.

Number 1: I will slowly be removing most of the NPC options that let people bypass trading with players.

Obviously if you can buy a socketed ring from an NPC for CP you don’t need to buy one from a market stall, so I’ve already commented out that feature as of January 5th, 2018.

Other NPC options that bypass trading with players will probably also be commented out in time.

Number 2: Less of what people don’t need and more of what people do need.

One thing I already noticed is some items people just don’t need many of, like Super Gems.

Prices get driven into the ground because there is no demand.

So, I’m going to try to cut back rates on stuff that is flooding the market and raise rates on things people can use like high pluses

Number 3: Longer periods between maints

I’m going to work on getting the server to run stable without a maint for as long as possible so people have to set up their shops less often.

Currently maint is every 48 hours, I’m going to shoot for 72 hours between maints.

Number 4: /shop command improved

The /shop command lets you enter prices at the “Violet” NPC in market and enter /shop while having a shop flag to set all your items for sale for the set prices.

If I can improve this system I think people would be more likely to set up market shops.


More Ideas

If you have ideas or comments about existing ideas I’d like to hear them.

I can usually be reached in-game via whisper or discord private message or via e-mail.


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