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For starters, Two-Hander skills going off in random directions is fixed. (wasn’t easy to figure that one out.)

I’m sure everyone has noticed that 2-handers were close to useless since maybe 1 out of a hundred people use one.

I don’t necessarily want them to push out club+sword for title of best, I just want them to be a solid alternative.

When I think of the strengths of a polearm over a sword in the real world I immediately think of the extra reach.

I’d like to break away from the fact that Glaive, Poleaxe,  Longhammer and Halbert currently are basically clones of each other with only slight variation.

Changes have been made!

I’ve tried my best to re-balance each weapon and make any one of them a viable choice, depending on what you want.
Final breakdown of each Two-Handers’ strengths and weaknesses:

Poleaxe – Balanced.
Passive Skill has Medium AoE and Medium Damage. (Hits 2 stakes in TG. 150% of melee dmg.)
Right Click skill has Medium AoE and Medium Damage. Costs 20 Stamina. (95% of melee dmg.)

Glaive – Crazy AoE and deals less damage.
Passive Skill has insane AoE and Low Damage. (Hits 4 Stakes in TG 70% of melee dmg.)
Right Click skill also has insane AoE and Low Damage. Costs 20 Stamina. (50% of melee dmg, potentially OP amounts of AoE.

Longhammer – Low AoE, High Damage.
Passive Skill has Low AoE and High Damage (Second only to spear). (Hits 1 stake in TG. 180% of melee dmg.)
Right Click skill has Low AoE and High Damage. Costs 40 Stamina. (110% of melee dmg, like Hercules with less range.)

Halbert – Buffed by the wielders Magic Attack. Costs MP. (Melee Taoist)
Passive Skill has High AoE and Medium base damage. Damage is increased based on M-Atk, SPI and Phoenix Gems. Skill goes off nearly 100% of the time but requires 30 MP. (Exact damage calculation is complicated. Max Gear SPG Halbert lands in between Glaive and Poleaxe (with max gear SDG) as far as range and damage.)
No Right Click Skill of its own. Works well paired with Mana Pulse though. (you lose some damage on mana pulse by not wearing a backsword)

Spear – Highest Damage, Low AoE. Hits only in front of user. Totally viable as a replacement for blade/club as a PvP weapon.
Passive skill hits in a line for heavy damage.Right click skill is like fastblade. (Hits 2 stakes in TG. 210% of melee dmg.)
Right click skill is just like Fastblade. It is just about on par with SS/FB as far as damage. (Hits 2 stakes in TG. 130% of melee dmg.)

Wand – Medium Damage. AoE all around character. No right click skill. Great for leveling. Wasn’t changed much from retail since it was already good.

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